BOSTON (CBS) — MassDOT officials say that all four lanes on each side of the Mass Pike in Allston will be open for Monday morning’s commute starting at 5 a.m..

The return to the normal configuration is happening three weeks faster than originally scheduled in the Commonwealth Avenue Bridge construction project, officials said Sunday.

“Our team has designed this major construction project in a way that considers the needs of the traveling public, as well as residents of the Greater Boston area, and we are pleased with the progress of work so far,” said Transportation Secretary and CEO Stephanie Pollack.

According to Acting Highway Administrator Jonathan Gulliver, a 440-ton crane that was at the construction site was able to be moved early, opening up the highway.

“That’s actually unexpected in Boston. That’s actually fantastic news,” said commuter Stephan Berteau.

He was pleasantly surprised. “This is the city of the big dig. Infrastructure projects take a while here. Construction takes a while, and very often you need up with this kind of stuff just lasting,” Berteau said.

Construction on the Com. Ave. Bridge had reduced the Mass Pike down to three lanes on July 7, then down to two or one following more intense construction since July 28.

The MBTA Worcester/Framingham commuter rail will also be running a normal schedule on Monday morning. The Green line will still be impacted by the construction.


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