By Jim Smith

REVERE (CBS) – Senator Elizabeth Warren, one of President Trump’s biggest critics, was in Revere for a public town hall meeting.

She struck familiar themes, appearing before a couple of hundred people. She zeroed in on the investigation of President Trump’s dealings with Russia saying the American people have lost confidence.

“Every day that goes by, we are paying a price in America for Donald Trump’s reckless and irresponsible behavior with the Russians and that needs to come to come to an end and it needs to happen quickly,” Sen. Warren said.

warren Sen. Warren: I Am Not Running For President

Sen. Elizabeth Warren at town hall meeting in Revere (WBZ-TV)

But one questioner wanted her take on the stock market surge since Trump took office

“They are great numbers and I’m happy about those numbers. I’m happy to see the stock market up,” Warren said. “I’m happy to see the unemployment rate down, but it doesn’t reflect the lived experience of much of America.”

Outside, supporters of one of Senator Warren’s republican reelection opponents spread their message saying candidate Geoff Diehl will concentrate more on local issues.

“She’s running for president. This is just, she’s taking us for granted, just sees this as a pit stop on her way to national office,” said

Back inside a supporter expressed hope she would run. So what about it?

“We can’t just play this game of once every four years and getting focused there. We need to focus on the fights in front of us. I’m doing my job every single day,” Warren said. “I am not running for president, I’m doing my work.”

Of course we are still years away from the next White House election. The question is bound to be asked again.

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  1. West Bond says:

    Trump’s my President, You’re not my Senator: C U Next Tuesday.

    1. Oh, you poor, poor snowflake. You must have missed civics class. You see, just as Trump is, sadly, my president, Sen. Warren is your Senator regardless of your 8th grade insults. So, STFU and DIAF. :)

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