Ric Flair Saw Andre The Giant Drink 106 Beers In One Night

BOSTON (CBS) — Ric Flair had some interesting stories to share when he joined 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Toucher & Rich on Tuesday morning.

Promoting his Friday night visit to McCoy Stadium in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, “Nature Boy” bestowed tales of some of the fun nights he’s had during his 50-year career in professional wrestling.

One that really stood out was from an evening out with Andre The Giant at a hotel bar in Charlotte, North Carolina back in 1974. That evening, Flair saw The Giant down 106 beers over a 5-6 hour period — roughly 17 beers an hour.

“He could really put them away,” said Flair, adding that Andre was never focused on the ladies and instead just wanted to have a good time. And drinking beers, of course.

Flair said he once had 200 women come up to his suite over the course of one night, but there was no funny business involved.

“I didn’t do anything with them; that’s not the point. It was more drinking and raising hell and me doing my thing,” he said, “not anybody doing anything with anybody.”

Flair nearly gave out one of his famous “WOOOOOOs” when Toucher & Rich mentioned the Kowloon in Saugus, a regular stomping ground for 98.5 The Sports Hub’s resident wrestling fanatic Jimmy Stewart and his tag team of wresting fans. He told T&R that he and former Celtics great Cedric Maxwell enjoyed quite a few evenings at the Kowloon, but wouldn’t give any details.

“I can say it was legendary,” said Flair.

Flair also said if social media was around during his heyday, he would be “locked up in San Quentin.” Listen to the full interview in the podcast above!



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