BOSTON (CBS) — More details continue to surface about David Price’s verbal assault on Dennis Eckersley last month on the Red Sox team plane.

Dan Shaughnessy revealed over the weekend that Price essentially ambushed the Hall of Famer when he got on the team plane, mocking Eckersley because he was critical of a Eduardo Rodriguez rehab start during a NESN game broadcast (Eck simply said “Yuck” when he saw Rodriguez’s stats from the start).

Keller: Red Sox Fans Furious Over Teams Handling Of Price-Eckersley Fiasco

The most troubling detail though was that several Red Sox players applauded Price’s actions. None of the players were named in that initial report, but 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Fred Toucher has learned that Dustin Pedroia was part of that group.

The whole ordeal is a terrible look for the Red Sox, who have not issued an apology to Eckersley.

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  1. Eck is not a stand up guy. He is a total AH. I don’t agree with what Price did but how many Red Sox players are going to pile on the Great Dennis Eckersley before the Boston media has to admit maybe Eck is part of the problem. This has nothing to do with the YUCK comment obviously, a fact which everyone at 98.5 seems to be pushing so much that they can’t see the forest for the trees. I am guessing it is a lot of things. Time for the Eck to move on.

  2. Paul Bear says:

    Price does suck!!!!! If Price can’t take the heat then either do something about it or get out of the kitchen. PRICE SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Boston is a tough sports town. If you play well, they love you. If you don’t, you hear about it. If the overpaid Price can’t take criticism, he should get out of Boston. Verbally attacking Eckersley, and interrupting other people’s interviews in the club house by blasting music, is childish and ignorant. He’ll be lucky if he isn’t booed off the mound Friday night!

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