FOXBORO (CBS) — A Foxboro consignment shop has gone out of business and apparently didn’t notify its customers.

Customers arriving at Chic-2-Chic were greeted with locked doors and a sign that read, “Permanently Closed.” No other explanation is given.

“I was shocked that it shut down without any notice,” one long-time customer said after finding out the department store-sized shop, closed Wednesday.

valerie addison Foxboro Consignment Shop Shuts Down With No Warning

Valerie Addison, who also says the Chic-2-Chic store owes her money. (Photo credit: WBZ-TV)

WBZ-TV spoke to several angry customers who say the store owners owe them money and have clothing that belongs to them.

“I have numerous clothing, a pair of expensive sunglasses, and I have some money they owe me,” customer Valerie Addison said.

Kelli Sansossio was going through a bag of clothes she was about to bring to the store for consignment. She told WBZ-TV’s David Robichaud that they have other clothes of hers and they’re now locked behind closed doors. She says they owe her money too.

sansossio Foxboro Consignment Shop Shuts Down With No Warning

Kelli Sansossio, who says she has lost money at the now closed, Chic-To-Chic consignment store. (Photo credit: WBZ-TV)

“I tried to post a comment on the Facebook page and they changed settings so get an error message that I says can’t post comment. They don’t seem to want to work with customers to make things right or even get any feedback,” Sansossio said.

When anyone calls the store’s phone number, they get a message that the number is no longer in service.

Some customers are reportedly out hundreds of dollars.

“I think they need to make it right with customers don’t think ethical or good business they sold peoples goods for profit and are holding onto it,” Sansossio said.

The law office representing the store owners say they have no comment at this time.

One customer said that when she went around to the back of the store, she saw someone loading clothes onto a truck.

Foxboro Police told WBZ “this is a civil matter, not a criminal one,” and had no further comment.

  1. I informed WBZ about this store back in March of this year! Same thing happened to me and knew this store was shady awhile ago. I feel bad about all these people that are owed money!

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