AMESBURY (CBS) – A farmer is demanding answers after someone shot one of her horses with an arrow.

It’s been a very long day for GQ, a 15-year-old horse now wounded and in pain.

He was out in a paddock at Dream Spirit Farm in Amesbury and that’s where two broken arrows were found Tuesday morning.

“This one’s fairly deep and you can still see I washed it and cleaned it out this morning and you can still see its weeping a little bit of blood,” said Susan Favaloro of Dream Spirit Farm.

The owners of the farm can’t be certain but they fear somebody intentionally targeted the horse.

“I just can’t imagine what, it’s an animal. It’s a friendly animal in a pen. It can’t get away I don’t know what would possess somebody to want to do it,” Susan said. “On top of that because we run all the camps and have the lesson program here, it could have been a child that was hit. I mean that’s dangerous. I just don’t know what some people are thinking.”

They say all of the horses here have been agitated for the past month or so.

“We can’t understand who would shoot something at an animal that was in a paddock, an enclosed area, had no means of defense,” said Mike Favaloro of Dream Spirit Farm. “Clearly probably some young kid that has no supervision and was given a bow and arrow set, if that’s what happened to the horse and it looks like it”

Security cameras have now been installed at the paddock and as for GQ he will hopefully heal without infection.

“We actually had to have a pulse therapy session today after all of this to help relax him,” Susan said.

The people running the farm are obviously looking for answers and hoping that it doesn’t happen again. Police are also now investigating.


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