By Katie Brace

BOSTON (CBS) – A family is frustrated after they say JetBlue left their disabled mother at Logan Airport.

“When I found out I immediately called off work and said, ‘I’m headed to see my mom,’” said Judy Davis.

Judy’s mom was supposed to have landed in Florida, instead her family said the airline forgot her.

“My sister is expecting her to land at 2:30 in Fort Myers and she’s not there,” said Davis.

Carmen Courchesne is 74 years old and has early Alzheimer’s.

Carmen Courchesne was stranded at Logan Airport (WBZ-TV)

Her husband recently passed away, and her kids thought she should visit two of her children and grandchildren in the Boston area.

“She’s pretty high functioning,” said Davis.

When Davis’ mom’s flight took off from Logan to Ft. Myers Tuesday morning, mom was still at the JetBlue gate.

“Obviously someone in a wheelchair is sitting close to the desk when it’s time to board,” said Davis. “Since she was there real early, no one is noticing someone is sitting here for three hours.”

JetBlue wheelchair at Logan Airport (WBZ-TV)

The flight did have a gate change. It wasn’t until her daughter in Florida called JetBlue that the airline located their mom and put her up in a hotel. Davis rushed to Boston.

The next morning, she said JetBlue had people escort her mom from the hotel to her airline seat.

“Today was just a whirlwind,” said Davis.

JetBlue released a statement saying in part: “We regret Ms. Courchesne’s experience, and are conducting a comprehensive review of the events with our business partners.”

Even with the airline’s actions, Davis said JetBlue overlooked a vulnerable, elderly woman.

When asked if she thought she could trust the airline. Davis replied, “Yes, I did. I did trust.”

Courchesne lives with her other daughter in Florida. After delays in the air due to storms, she finally made it home Wednesday evening.

  1. What a stupid non-story. Why is this even news? If they really cared and were that concerned, the child should have stayed with the Mom (especially with early Alzheimers) at the gate until she boarded. Passes to do that are free. AIRLINES ARE NOT BABYSITTERS!

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