BOSTON (AP) — The Retailers Association of Massachusetts is asking its members whether they would support a ballot campaign aimed at lowering the state’s sales tax.

The survey sent to some 4,000 retailers is the strongest indication to date that the organization may attempt to place a sales tax question before voters on the 2018 state ballot.

The group says Bay State merchants who must collect the 6.25 percent sales tax are hurt by competition from the internet, where consumer purchases are often untaxed, and from shoppers crossing the border to tax-free New Hampshire.

The survey asks retailers if they would prefer to lower the tax or eliminate it completely, and whether they could contribute financially to a ballot campaign.

Retailers have also called for restoring the summer sales tax holiday in Massachusetts.

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  1. Josie Albert says:

    I’m no economist, but doesn’t the sales tax cover more people? Only people who work pay income taxes. Only property owners pay property taxes. I’d rather spread the tax burden to everyone. The more you buy, the more you pay.

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