By Katie Brace

FRAMINGHAM (CBS) – “I hope she’s alright I can’t get it out of my head,” said Sarah Taylor.

A child’s screams brought neighbors to a home on Eames Street in Framingham.

“Then I see my other neighbor look out, and I saw the look on her face. So, I knew then and there something was wrong,” said Taylor.

Taylor ran across the street where she saw a three-year-old girl lying on the ground. She fell from the third floor front window to the pavement.

“Scared for her, but trying to not show her I was scared because they need that reassurance,” said Taylor.

The girl was visiting her aunt’s apartment. Another neighbor called 911 and rushed to get the family member.

“I am like get me something get me something. She went and got me a towel and I put it on the girl’s head to try and stop the bleeding,” said Taylor.

The towel was still in the driveway as police worked to figure out how the girl fell. It is unclear if the screen was open or closed.

Johan Gonzalez was watching TV by the first floor window when he heard a thump on the window behind him. He too ran outside.

“I felt like my heart dropped,” said neighbor Johan Gonzalez.

The girl was bleeding from the front of her head. She was talking, and scared of the blood.

“Her main concern was ‘my blood’ on her hands and wanting her mom,” said Taylor.

As a mother of five, Taylor’s mom instincts kicked in and she helped keep the girl until paramedics arrived.

“Terrifying, my worst nightmare and it really shook me. It really hit home,” said Taylor.

The girl was taken by MedFlight to Boston Children’s Hospital. She has a head and leg injury. Police and DCF are investigating.


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