BOSTON (CBS) — The NBA Draft is nearly upon us, putting an end to months of speculation and predictions as to which teams a bunch of teenagers will soon call their employers.

For a while it seemed like Markelle Fultz was destined to become the latest building block of the Boston Celtics, but then Danny Ainge traded the first overall pick to Philadelphia for the third pick and a future first. The blockbuster move hasn’t changed much at the top of most mock drafts, with Fultz now going to Philly instead of Boston, but now there’s a lot more intrigue and “Who’s it gonna be?” surrounding the Celtics’ pick.

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So for one final time before picks start flying off the board in Brooklyn, we’ve rounded up the mock drafts to see who the “experts” think the Celtics will land at No. 3 — as long as Trader Danny doesn’t ship that pick out of town too.

Chad Ford, ESPN (Insider content)

Pick: Josh Jackson, Kansas

Celtics president Danny Ainge wanted to maximize the return for the No. 1 pick. The chance to pick up another valuable future pick by moving down just two spots seemed like a bargain for Boston.

The Celtics are high on Josh Jackson, but they also really like Ball and Tatum. Of the three, Tatum is the only one they’ve gotten in for a workout so far. Perhaps that will make a difference and tip the scales his way.

Another realistic scenario? The Celtics use No. 3 and the newly acquired Lakers/Kings pick to make another run at either Jimmy Butler or George.

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Reid Forgrave, CBS Sports

Pick: Josh Jackson, Kansas

There’s been lots of talk lately of Jackson as a possible No. 1 pick. I never bought it, but I always saw where it was coming from, because the Jackson is a gritty Brad Stevens type of two-way player in a way that Fultz never seemed to be. I love this kid’s potential. Jackson is a phenomenal athlete with a ridiculous motor. He gets after it on both ends of the floor. His ceiling will depend on whether he can develop into a dynamic small-ball four in the NBA. I think he will. One word of caution: The incident at Kansas in December, where Jackson allegedly vandalized a car and threatened to beat up a women’s basketball player, made at least one coach tell me he’d be wary. I’m surprised a bigger deal hasn’t been made of this in the lead-up to this draft. Clearly, any worries Danny Ainge may have had about Jackson’s legal troubles have been quelled.

Gary Parrish, CBS Sports

Pick: Jayson Tatum, CBS Sports

Danny Ainge has made it clear that the Celtics will get the same player picking third that they would’ve gotten picking first, which means he was never as high on Fultz as most. And everything I’ve heard in the past 48 hours suggests Tatum will be the pick. The one-and-done prospect from Duke should crack Boston’s rotation immediately and provide playmaking ability that’ll make Thomas’ job easier. It’s not often that a top-three pick joins a 50-win team. So Tatum should feel fortunate if things break this way. 

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Andy Bailey, Bleacher Report

Pick: Josh Jackson, Kansas

Prior to the big trade going down, there were rumors surfacing that the Celtics might like Josh Jackson more than Fultz.

“I’ve picked Danny’s brain for years,” a general manager told Ford. “Jackson is an Ainge player all the way. Tough, athletic, long, versatile, elite motor. If he’s keeping the pick, Jackson just to me, far and away, is the most Celtics-type player for them to draft. From all my conversations with them, I’m convinced they’ll take Jackson No. 1.”

If that’s really how Ainge was thinking, the trade is just fine for Boston.

Jackson makes sense for Boston as another rangy forward who can defend multiple positions, something every team needs in today’s NBA.

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There is a chance Boston’s not done dealing, though. Getting more assets together could help the Cs land Jimmy Butler or another wing in the trade market. This pick would likely be involved in such a scenario.

Jeremy Woo, Sports Illustrated

Pick: Jayson Tatum, Duke

Expect more trade discussions to take place involving this selection, but if the Celtics keep their pick, expect them to draft a wing. This could be Josh Jackson (who may have greater value in a deal), but the better fit for Boston would be Tatum, thanks to his potential to space the floor, play some power forward and become a go-to scorer down the line. Jackson’s well-publicized decision not to work out for the Celtics is worth noting.

Ricky O’Donnell, SB Nation

Pick: Jayson Tatum, Duke

The Celtics knew they would be drafting a player out of the high school class of 2016 from the minute they made their now infamous trade with the Nets in 2013. Tatum sat at or near the top of those class rankings since they first developed. My guess is Boston has been closely tracking Tatum for years and had him as 1B (or possibly 1A) on their board with Fultz. From that perspective, the chance to take a player they love while adding more premium future picks in the process is a no-brainer.

I’m not the biggest Tatum fan — I had him No. 6 overall on my big board — but he looks like a great fit next to Jaylen Brown in Boston. Brown is the superior athlete with a higher defensive ceiling, while Tatum projects to offer true go-to scoring ability. Personally, I’d rather have Fultz, but there’s a chance this ends up eventually looking like a brilliant trade for Danny Ainge.

Daniel O’Brien, FanRag

Pick: Jayson Tatum, Duke

Even the Celtics might not know who they’re taking (or trading for) at No. 3. There are strong arguments for either Josh Jackson or Jayson Tatum, and Bleacher Report’s Jordan Schultz indicated that the Celtics love Tatum’s offense:

Tatum isn’t the Truth, but he’ll churn out buckets when called upon. He’ll take some pressure off Isaiah Thomas and Al Horford by attacking the hoop and splashing outside shots. Although his defensive potential isn’t overwhelming, it’s at least encouraging. Tatum significantly improved his agility since high school, and he uses his athleticism and long arms to swallow up space on defense. He has the physical wares to guard all types of wings and power forwards.

Andrew Lynch, Fox Sports

Pick: Jayson Tatum, Duke

The Celtics haven’t seen Josh Jackson, and they haven’t seen his medical records. Danny Ainge could still take Jackson here without that information, because the Boston GM does what he wants, but Tatum is a better match for the Celtics’ current roster.

Taking the Duke forward with the first pick would have been a reach. Trading down to No. 3 allows Ainge to take the guy he wants without facing a ton of criticism (and while adding another asset down the line).

Gary Washburn, The Boston Globe

Pick: Jayson Tatum, Duke

The kind of versatile swingman they need and someone who can develop into a star.

Draft Express

Pick: Jayson Tatum, Duke

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Pick: Josh Jackson, Kansas