WEST BROOKFIELD (CBS) — Investigators are searching an old former campground in West Brookfield Thursday for clues in the disappearance and death of Molly Bish.

The teenage lifeguard from Warren disappeared 17 years ago, and her remains were found three years later. No arrests have ever been made in relation to her disappearance and death.

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Molly Bish. (Family photo)

The campground is a few miles away from where Bish was last seen alive.

Bish’s family believes that a car matching the description of one seen by Bish’s mother Magi on the day of Molly’s disappearance may be buried somewhere there.

Molly’s mother told WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Lana Jones the family never stopped searching for clues–and recent information brought them to the new site.

She said the information comprised “a lot of the things we’ve been looking for, but came from different people that came together, and that surprised us.”

A criminologist is volunteering his time and his equipment probing the area with ground penetrating radar that looks down at least 15 feet.

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A forensic specialist from New Haven, Connecticut used ground-penetrating radar to search the area.

“What we’re looking for is any kind of anomaly. So if the ground has been disturbed, we can look at the different strata. So if you can dig a hole, take the sand out, put the soil back in, compact it…it’s different than the soil around it,” the criminologist said. “All this area was part of it.”

Investigator Sarah Stein, who has been working with the family, said she was confident the car would be found.

“We have already found items on the surface,” Stein said. “We are confident–we’re not 100 percent sure we’re going to find the car, but we have found metal that has been compromised.”

Investigators said they don’t anticipate releasing firm results Thursday night–and it could be days before a complete analysis of the site is complete.

Bish’s mother says simply, “All we want is justice for Molly.”

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Lana Jones reports

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