What’s going on on Beacon Hill?
Will they pack marijuana in a poison pill?
Should they act on pot or should they not?
Should pot be got or bought or caught or fought or not?
Should we tax it, axe it, rehash it?
Bash it? Toke it? Smoke it? Revoke it?
Should you be able to buy hash with cash?
Or is that rash?
Should we rope the dope?
Or cope with the dope by just saying nope.
As lawmakers debate what’s right and wrong
The state awaits with an empty bong.
Will the folks who make the laws create new flaws?
And overtweek the tea? Curb the herb?
Give a cold chinchilla to the sinsemilla?
Will they put the caranja on the ganja?
Will lawmakers get bold with the Acapulco gold?
Will they be good doobies with the doobies?
Or bring new pain to the Maryjane?
Will they kick the joint from the joint?
Or refer the reefer to a reefer committee?
Kick the cannabis from a town or a city?
Will their legislative deed be to lock the seed of the weed?
Or will they free the weed from a legislative shed?
Give life to the life of Panama Red?
Will they give pot a shot?
Or will they not?


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