By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — As it turns out, future Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady has a lot in common with anonymous trolls on the internet.

Tom Brady thinks Tom Brady stinks.

That’s apparently what Brady believes, based on this observation from the Boston Herald’s Jeff Howe:

Tom Brady, who is three months removed from becoming the first quarterback in history to win five Super Bowls, was so angry at himself last Thursday for throwing an interception during practice that he uttered something that’s probably never been said before.

Teammates actually heard Brady say, “I’m the worst quarterback in the NFL.”

That’s one hot take! If Brady ever wants to transition into the world of sports entertainment once his playing career ends, then Max Kellerman better start preparing his resume. (Bylaws dictate that there can only be room for one over-the-top Brady critic on “First Take.”)

Indeed, the hottest Tom Brady takes come from Tom Brady himself. That’s a Hot Takeception.

Of course, Brady doesn’t actually believe he’s worse than Ryan Fitzpatrick or Trevor Siemian or whoever it is that will be the Jets’ quarterback. It’s more an instance of the most hyper-competitive quarterback holding himself to an impossible standard, even on a practice field in the middle of June.

And, well, that strategy has clearly been working. He would have been the NFL’s MVP last year if he hadn’t been forced to spend four weeks in the Fort Goodell Correction Center due to a locker room attendant going to the bathroom. He was then brilliant in engineering the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history (and really, one of the greatest comebacks in any NFL game in history).

In doing so, Brady earned his fifth Super Bowl victory, something no other quarterback has done. He also got his fourth Super Bowl MVP Award, which was likewise a record-setting achievement.

As he approaches age 40, Brady clearly isn’t thinking much about the addition he’ll have to put on his house to fit all of his trophies. He’s not thinking about the next duck boat parade, and he’s probably already stashed away ring No. 5 in a safe. He’s probably still miffed about that awful interception to Robert Alford.

This is all good news for the Patriots. It’s rather bad news for the rest of the NFL and, much more importantly, the internet trolling community.


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