By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — If ever there’s a time to really go crazy and lose perspective on real life, it would be after the local sports team wins a big ol’ trophy. It’s just not a period of great clairvoyance or intellectual examination.

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For evidence of this phenomenon, look no further than the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, which ran this humdinger of a headline in the wake of the Penguins’ Stanley Cup victory: “Is Sidney Crosby better than Tom Brady?”

Finally. The debate we’ve all been having in secret can come to the forefront. It took long enough.

Look, all of you Brady-loving folks. It’s time that you all face the facts. And the facts show that Sidney Crosby, hockey player, might actually be better than Tom Brady, football player.

But breathe easy, New England, because the article concludes that while Crosby is greater than LeBron James (wait what happened what are we doing here?) he is not better than Tom Brady.


That was a close one.

(If you want to be serious, you could say that Brady at Crosby’s age had the same number of championships and postseason MVP awards. But that does leave out one very important detail: they don’t play the same sport.)

With the great debate of our time now officially settled, it’s time to introduce some more, all in the sake of encouraging healthy discourse across the country.

Which Building Would Win In A Fistfight — The Sears Tower Or The Chrysler Building?

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Best Place To Eat A Hot Dog — Coney Island Or A Burger King In Denver?

Which Ball Is Superior — Soccer, Base, Skee, Kick, Bouncy?

Has Salad Passed Bread As Better Pre-Meal Food?

If Ruth Bader Ginsburg Were A Jockey Instead Of A Supreme Court Justice, Could She Win The Kentucky Derby?

Better Swimmer: Wayne Gretzky Or Larry Bird?

Were The Warriors Only Great With Kevin Durant Because Before That They Got Better Without Kevin Durant?

Would Michael Jordan Be Better Than LeBron James In Today’s NBA Even If MJ Had To Wear Sneakers From the ’80s But LeBron Had To Wear Short-Shorts?

Who Would Win In A Decathlon: A Man Named Sidney Brady, Or A Man Named Brady Sidney?

Let the debates rage on.

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