By Jim Smith

NASHUA, NH (CBS) – Jordan Thompson is now part of the club, a growing list of people blocked by President Trump on Twitter.

He says it all began when he responded to a tweet on the president’s personal @realDonaldTrump account about Memorial Day.

Thompson asked why the president had not paid respects to the victims of a horrific stabbing on a train in Portland, Oregon. A bit later, he found out that the president had blocked him.

Trump’s Twitter blocking message. (Photo credit: WBZ-TV)

“There was the shock and there was the kind of like, ‘Wow, the President of the United States took time out of his day to block someone on Twitter,'” Thompson said. “An 18-year-old who I mean, I didn’t think my tweet was like rude. I didn’t think it was disrespectful.”

Lawyers have sent the president a letter arguing that @realDonaldTrump account is a public forum and blocking people violates free speech.

“It’s so dangerous to suppress freedom of speech and its so dangerous to kind of walk along that line,” Thompson said. “I think internet law is like a grey area and some people might not think that Trump blocking me would be a violation of freedom of  speech. But I absolutely think it is, and I think that’s what his intent was.”
Mr. Trump’s spokesman Sean Spicer says he considers Trump tweets official statements.
“Are President Trumps tweets considered official White House statements?” Spicer was asked.
“Well the President is the President of the United States so they’re considered official statements by the President of The United States,” Spicer replied.
To be fair, President Trump did condemn the Portland stabbings in his official POTUS Presidential Twitter account, but Jordan says the president has more important things to do than blocking people like him.
“The fact that he blocked me over something like that, I just found completely absurd,” Jordan said.
The people who have been blocked by the president have started their own Twitter account called, “Trump’s Block Party.”

Jim Smith

Comments (6)
  1. Vivi Diaz says:

    If you believe that you are smart as** for entering to Trump twitter and offend him, it is not being smart bur rude and stup*. Would you like that I’d get into your house and kick your bu*?? Obviously that not because everybody has his OWN SPACE and everybody should respect it! Only cowards and low class people like you believe it is proud acting like ANIMALS! Shame of you low class people!!!

  2. Memorial day is about men and women that gave their lives in line of duty during War times and peace. What does horrific stabbing on a train in Portland, Oregon have to do with the Memorial Day? I don’t mean to sound cold, but how many people in the US lose their lives by crime and accidents? What does the President have to do with these? Maybe the Governor of the state. It was wrong for Jordan Thompson to send such tweet to the President. It showed disrespect to the office. Jordan Thompson needs some growing and maturity.

  3. Josie Albert says:

    Great job Jordan! Don’t listen to the racists (low class? animals?). You are brave to stand up for your beliefs and do something about it! The previous responder doesn’t understand what Twitter is… it is not private email. It is a public forum for people to express their thoughts and respond to other people’s posts President Trump has chosen to use public Twitter to communicate with the people. He is everybody’s president, not just the people who agree with him. This is a freedom of speech issue…. the President will only listen to people who agree with him? A very dangerous precedent!

  4. I’m sorry. The President of The United States is responsible with leading a nation. He cannot possibly pay his respects to EVERY family that is devastated by violence in this country. It would be a full-time job requiring a very large staff. He is not cold and insensitive, he’s just got a very large job to do, He is The President. He is trying to revive a dying country.

  5. I don’t think President Trump PERSONALLY blocked Jordan. I’d be willing to bet he has a staff to do that job.

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