HOLLISTON (CBS) – If you happen to drive through the town of Holliston, you can’t help but stumble upon a very special Memorial Day Remembrance attached to dozens of telephone poles.

“When you go by in the car for a mile, I have a captured audience reminding folks that its Memorial Day,” Robert Blair of Holliston said.

Blair is the unofficial town mayor and the humble man responsible for all these signs and American flags on the utility poles that line Washington Street.

The Vietnam Vet has dedicated his life to make sure the names of those who lost their lives serving their country will forever be remembered. This year he hung up 64 placards and American flags in honor of those Americans who died in the last two years.

holliston vet Holliston Vet Has Unusual Way To Get People To Remember

Holliston veteran Robert Blair who says, “Remember.” (Photo credit: WBZ-TV)

“I know none of them,” Blair said. But the retired veteran thinks and cares for them like family. “At least someone knows someone else is thinking about them.”

Blair does the research on each fallen service member and creates the signs.

Steve Bradford is Commander of the American Legion Post in Holliston and he helps Blair hang them all.

“You have people from all over the country represented here on these poles. You respect these people who gave the ultimate,” Bradford said.

Since 2003, Blair has hung more than 16,000 sings in Holliston. He does it for a number of reasons. The primary reason is for people to remember.

“Even looking back at this Civil War Monument. It’s remembering their sacrifice. It’s all for all veterans,” Blair said.

It’s his way of saying thanks and giving something back to those who served their country.


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