BOSTON (CBS) — With revenues falling short of expectations, economic growth in the state flat lately, and the threat of deep federal budget cuts in sectors important to Massachusetts, House Speaker Robert DeLeo has his hands full lately.

DeLeo, who sat down this week with WBZ political analyst Jon Keller to discuss those issues, said he formed a working group within the House to take a look at how the Trump administration’s budget proposals would affect the Commonwealth.

“One of the major items I see on my agenda is to make sure that, no matter what happens in Washington, that Massachusetts residents are protected,” DeLeo said.

Mass. House Speaker Robert DeLeo. (WBZ-TV)

Out of that group came a piece of legislation that would shoot down Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson’s proposal to use prison labor to build Trump’s border wall.

“As far as I know, in terms of my memory, I can never remember prisoners being sent out of state to deal with any federal projects,” DeLeo said.

He said he’s against a tax increase, because he doesn’t think it would be good for the economy or for the middle class in particular.

“In terms of any broad-based tax increases, I am opposed to that,” he said.

Watch the full clip of Keller and DeLeo’s conversation above.

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  1. Bob Babineau says:

    The state has a budget shortfall, but these pigs had no problem voting themselves a raise.

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