WELLESLEY (CBS) – A child was struck by an SUV in the driveway of the Schofield Elementary School in Wellesley Thursday afternoon.

The 8-year-old boy was crossing the driveway at the school when he was hit by a black Acura SUV.

The incident happened at about 4:30 p.m. at the school on Cedar Street.

The woman got out and helped the child before first responders arrived.

The boy was taken by Medflight to a Boston hospital and paramedics will only say the child’s injuries are “significant.”

Wellesley Police Lieutenant Marie Cleary says the woman was simply looking for a parking space.

“At the end of the driveway there is a circular parking area. The operator of a black Acura SUV had gone through the circle and was unable to find a parking spot,” Cleary said. “So she circled back around.”

Cleary says it’s not uncommon for many people to be walking in the driveway.

“There are playgrounds and athletic fields, so it’s not uncommon for there to be lots of people around here, especially on such a nice day,” she said.

Although the woman is cooperating with police, she sought treatment for being distraught over the accident.

Her SUV has been towed from the school.

The accident is still under investigation by the Wellesley Police Department’s Accident Reconstruction Team and Wellesley Detectives.