KINGSTON (CBS) — A teenager was not seriously hurt after his pickup truck was hit by a commuter train in Kingston Monday morning.

The MBTA originally claimed that the driver, 17-year-old Tim Manning, must have gone around the crossing gates, which were down to stop traffic as the train was passing over Lake Street.

Later, they confirmed that Manning’s truck actually hit the gate.

Manning said the rainy weather is to blame.

“I do remember a puddle, though, a sheet of water came over my windshield, and it blindsided me for 3-5 seconds about,” said Manning.

“Next thing I knew, I feel a fence and then the train hits me and I swerve around.”

Manning ended up with only a sprained ankle.

No one on the train was hurt, passengers were transferred to another train at Halifax Station.

No charges have been filed at this point in the investigation.

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  1. Bob Babineau says:

    It’s Kingston, not Kingstown! Idiots.

  2. Jon Brawn says:

    So where is the broken gate? It magically repair itself after the junk signals failed?

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