BOSTON (CBS) — We like to give you an early head’s up when impactful weather is heading your way. That’s why our WBZ Weather Team has issued a Storm Watch Weather Alert for Friday.

weather headlines Rain Will Make For A Soggy Cinco De Mayo

(WBZ-TV graphic)

While tomorrow morning will start off dry (good news for the a.m. commute), rain will advance into southern New England around midday and ramp up from there. The heaviest rain from this event will fall late Friday afternoon through the evening.

weather friday 2pm Rain Will Make For A Soggy Cinco De Mayo

(WBZ-TV graphic)

Scattered downpours will arrive from early afternoon onward, accompanied by embedded thunder during the evening. In other words, your Friday late-day commute is not going to be a fun one.

weather friday 6pm Rain Will Make For A Soggy Cinco De Mayo

(WBZ-TV graphic)

Expect areas of reduced visibility, big puddles, ponding of water, and localized flooding in urban centers and low lying areas.

weather impacts Rain Will Make For A Soggy Cinco De Mayo

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If you have Friday evening plans (maybe some Cinco De Mayo fun planned?) then you’ll definitely want to have your rain gear and be prepped for a a soggy night out.

weather friday 9pm Rain Will Make For A Soggy Cinco De Mayo

(WBZ-TV graphic)

Rainfall totals will generally run between 1-2” for many of us, although some locally higher amounts will be possible. We’ll be monitoring rivers closely, although major rivers should be able to handle this amount of rain.

weather totals Rain Will Make For A Soggy Cinco De Mayo

(WBZ-TV graphic)

What about the weekend? While it’ll be far from “perfect,” I do think we’ll be able to salvage a good chunk of it! There will be some spotty showers around both weekend days, but it will not be a washout. In fact, I think we’ll even manage to break out some peeks of sun at times.

So have the umbrella on standby and stay tuned for more specifics on the shower timeline on WBZ.

  1. So much for all the meteorologist hand-wringing since last year about drought. It was a temporary situation, because, ya know, NEW ENGLAND IS A FOREST!!!

    This isn’t AZ or CA or any other western desert region, it’s ridiculously damp, stormy, New England where we’re LUCKY if we string together a few relatively dry months.

    I cannot believe the amount of water around my property right now, with inches more on the way!
    My town’s water table is extremely high so there should be no more drought discussion by mets.
    Fisher & the rest make me nuts when they preach about averages which are nonsense in New England area given the volatile and extreme weather we often experience here. Showing a “deficit” in average precipitation is deceiving to viewers as we have very high rainfall averages to begin with so that baseline is skewed.
    Given how much we’ve received since mid-March, we need the rain amounts to not be in inches now, best if smaller levels spread out over the coming months to sustain water tables during heat.
    Overwhelmed right now, sump running non-stop! Rain, rain, go away…….

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