BOSTON (CBS) –  Now that’s we’ve passed the 100 day milestone of the Trump Presidency, we’re is getting a report card from local young Republicans.

None of these teenagers were with Donald Trump before he won their party’s nomination.

A group of Massachusetts Republican high school students at the State House. (WBZ-TV)

But now that he’s president I asked them about the good, the bad, and the future.

Jon Keller: Is it hard being a pro-Trump Republican in Massachusetts?

Sara, Mike, Joe, & Sam: Yes.

Keller: Give me an example.

Joe Spinosa, Malden Catholic Senior: My mom would not allow me… to put a Trump bumper sticker on my car for fear it would be vandalized.

Keller: Really?

Joe: Yes.

These four students are still too young to vote but are still politically engaged. They spent part of April vacation at the State House to meet with lawmakers.

I asked them to weigh in on the first 100 days. First: the disappointments.

Sara McDonald, Quincy High Sophomore: One of the things I was disappointed about would be health care.

Sam Leone, East Longmeadow High Sophomore: I would definitely say his blunder with Obamacare. Congress handled that badly and while you could pinpoint that to Speaker [Paul] Ryan, I think that he [Trump] really should have pushed for more specifics.

Mike Brodo, Xavierian Brothers High Junior: I personally believe in cutting back the budget, but it;s what he cut that I didn’t agree with, the climate change regulations, the EPA definitely need to stay.

Sara: I think that his communications to the public are really lacking.

Keller: The tweeting is a problem?

Sara: Yeah, the tweeting. I think that he should be acting more presidential.

Joe: Trump said in the beginning that he wouldn’t want to get involved in Syria and take out Assad because then ISIS would take over and I agreed with that. I think that’s going against what he said he would do.

Among this small group some saw those same weaknesses as the president’s strengths.

Sam: I actually really liked the Syrian airstrike. It really did send a message that democracy is working towards prevailing in the world.

Joe:  I do support [Supreme Court] Justice [Neil] Gorsuch. I think he’d make a very good Supreme Court justice.

Sara: I do think that his budget would be a my favorite part about his administration, so far.

Mike: Growing the economy and a stronger foreign policy, that’s really why I’m a Republican at the core.

Keller: What’s your expectation for the next 100 days and beyond?

Joe: My expectation would be more military intervention, which I’m against.

Sam: Take your time with Obamacare. If you’re going to repeal it, just do it right, take your time.

Sara: I hope to see tax reform, lower taxes.

Mike: I don’t really know what to expect. I think it’s a very unpredictable presidency.

Keller: What do you want to see him doing?

Mike: Try to bring the country together. I acknowledge he cannot single-handedly do that. That has to be the American people agreeing that we need to come together.


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