MARLBORO (CBS) – If a job offer that looks too good to be true appears in your inbox, it probably is.

The Better Business Bureau said Tuesday it’s getting reports of fake job offers being sent via email.

In the email, a scammer says they’re following up on a submitted application, or they’ve seen your resume on an online recruiting website.

“These cons often use real company names and can be very convincing,” BBB spokeswoman Paula Fleming said in a statement. “It may look as though you are starting a great new career, but you are really giving personal information to scammers.”

The bureau has offered a list of tips to help people avoid potential job email scams:

– Check the contact information at the bottom of the email, spelling mistakes or an unfamiliar address could indicate a scam.
– Don’t pay a fee or give out credit card info to be considered for a job. Legitimate employers won’t ask for that.
– Be skeptical about offers that want you to work from home to start – it might mean there is no real office.

The bureau says scam emails can be reported to

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