BOSTON (CBS) — Celtics big man Al Horford has come up huge in recent playoff games for the C’s, especially in Sunday’s Game 1 win over the Wizards. Horford scored 21 points with nine rebounds and 10 assists and has been one of the Celtics’ best players during their five-game playoff winning streak.

So does that mean that Horford is blossoming into a playoff superstar? That’s what 98.5 The Sports Hub’s Adam Jones and Nick Cattles discussed in a round of “Buy or Sell” on a Game of Jones Monday. Questions and answers are below:

Buy or Sell: Al Horford, Playoff Superstar

“I sell that,” said Jones. “He’s been great. … ‘Playoff superstar?’ I’ve got to see what he does against Cleveland to put him on that level, but he’s been better than I anticipated.”

Buy or Sell: The Mets are cursed

“I buy that,” said Jones. “What organization in the last 30-40 years has developed pitching better than the Mets? … For the most part, recently, they’re going through all kinds of arm issues. … When it comes to their pitching, I would say that they are a cursed organization.”

Buy or Sell: Letter grades as a way of judging the NFL Draft

“I buy it,” said Jones. “I don’t put a ton of stock into it. I certainly don’t read all of them. … But I’m OK with the letter grade. I just understand that you can’t just treat it as gospel after the draft.”

Buy or sell: 44-year-old Manny Ramirez could hit double-digit home runs if he played in the major leagues right now

“Ooh, I buy it,” said Jones. “Manny’s got that in his arsenal right now. I don’t know that he’d hit for average. I know he couldn’t field. I don’t know that he could stay healthy for a long period of time. … But could he hit double-digit home runs? Sure.”

Buy or sell: Doc Rivers should keep his coaching/GM job with the Clippers

“I buy that he should and I buy that he will,” said Jones. “I don’t really think he knows what he’s doing when it comes to being the ‘basketball czar’ in L.A. But if I’m [Clippers owner] Steve Ballmer … I would give him another shot.”

Listen to the full podcast below:


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