By Bill Shields

WINCHESTER (CBS) – A controversy is brewing in Winchester, fueled by a war of words between a 7th grader and an elderly Trump supporter.

Luke Macannuco, 13, pays attention to world events, politics and President Donald Trump. “Mr. President doesn’t really know what he’s doing,” Luke said. “Recently he said that this whole president job is a little harder than he thought it was going to be.”

Luke Macannuco (WBZ-TV)

So when signs started popping up around town that said “Hate Has No Home Here” Luke smiled at his neighbors’ sentiments.

The signs angered at least one resident, a Trump supporter. John Natale wrote to the local paper, saying, in part, “Obviously, you are so morally superior that you may declare everyone who disagrees with you a hater. Where, when and how did you become the Lord High Decider of Morality?”

“Hate Has No Home Here” sign in Winchester (WBZ-TV)

Luke responded with a letter of his own, and told WBZ, “I look at the sign, you know if a passerby is struggling with being oppressed and they see that sign, I feel like it’s a sign of reassurance.”

Throughout the sign controversy, Luke’s mother has smiled proudly. “Even like in fourth grade his teacher would say things to me like ‘this kid loves social justice,’” Shawn Macannuco said.

Natale told WBZ-TV that although he did not have a sign in his yard, he is not a hateful person.

Bill Shields

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  1. Yona Levine says:

    Yoooo! This is my classmate! :D He’s awesome!

  2. I want to know how to get one of those signs.