SALISBURY (CBS) – The dean of students at a New Hampshire high school is on administrative leave after being tased and arrested outside a Salisbury strip club.

Peter Gagnon, an employee of Souhegan High School in Amherst, N.H. was arrested just after midnight Wednesday outside Ten’s Show Club on North End Blvd.

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Salisbury Police said three officers were called to the club after Gagnon was allegedly getting too close to dancers. Police said he also entered the women’s room several times.

Security asked Gagnon to leave the establishment, but he did not.

Police said Gagnon refused offers to be given a ride home and instead insisited he could walk. Officers would not let him walk because he was intoxicated.

Gagnon allegedly resisited officers when they tried to handcuff him, and challenged them to “go ahead and tase me.”

Ten’s Show Club in Salisbury. (Christina Hager/WBZ)

After several minutes, officers briefly tased Gagnon and successfully took him into custody.

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The school administrator held up his middle finger while taking his mug shot. Police say he also said his phone number was “1-800-(expletive) you” when asked.

While at the station, Gagnon’s wife texted him to ask where he was. Officers replied and asked her to contact police.

She told police she was “completely surprised” to learn of her husband’s alleged actions.

In a statement, SAU 39 Superintendent Peter Warburton said Gagnon is on administrative leave.

“The allegations involving Mr. Gagnon did not involve any students of the district and did not occur during work hours. There are no known allegations related to student safety,” said Warburton.

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Following his Friday arraignment, Gagnon is scheduled to return to court on June 27.