By Beth Germano

REVERE (CBS) – It’s a popular walking and jogging spot at all times of the day, giving those who use Revere Beach Boulevard a sense of security.

“It’s so out in the open, so much traffic all the time. It’s not like the woods or anything,” said walker Cathy Slader.

But a 33-year-old woman told State Police just before 6 a.m. a man suddenly appeared in her jogging path near Revere St., yelled at her, and grabbed her in the chest and buttocks before she screamed and he took off in the direction of the Wonderland MBTA stop.

“No town is safe in my eyes and we shouldn’t have to live that way,” said walker Donna Baker.

State Police made their presence known along the boulevard throughout the day. A nearby pizza restaurant says they have been looking for surveillance cameras that may have captured the incident.

It’s serving as a safety check for walkers like Anita Schoen who chooses midday as her preference for getting out along the beach. “I don’t feel vulnerable but at the same I don’t take chances. I don’t walk the beach by myself even at midday,” said Schoen.

Police say it’s not the first time the woman has seen the man on her morning jog. Today she says his head was covered with a black and white bandana. It’s a crime of opportunity that police hope will get the public’s attention.

Anyone with information is asked to call State Police at (781) 284-0038.

Beth Germano


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