BOSTON (CBS) – A worker was hurt after he fell from a bucket truck that tipped over on the tarmac at Logan Airport Friday night.

On a snowy evening at Terminal C, Massport says a de-icing truck and an Alaska Airlines plane came into contact. And what happened next had passengers calling for help.

“The wing hit the guy that was de-icing the plane,” said passenger Scott Mather. “And the hose got wrapped up in his legs and pulled him off the cherry picker.”

“There was a dude in the basket there,” another passenger said. “He was dangling. He was dangling. It was unbelievable.”

The truck tipped over. A worker went tumbling to the ground.

“You could see under the plane the truck completely on its side with the bucket on the ground from where the man actually fell from,” said Michael Peter. “Maybe 20, 30 feet in the air.”

And passengers say a little 10-year-old boy was the first to call for help.

“There was an announcement and either the pilot or the stewardess got on and said ‘We want to thank this little 10-year-old boy,'” passenger David Fish said.

Those aboard the Boston to San Diego flight were evacuated, then put on buses and are landlocked for now.

But thankful the accident wasn’t worse.

“They’ve said luckily he’s safe,” Peter said. “So that’s the main thing.”

  1. Me and my young daughters were passengers on the plane. Happy that the worker will be OK. In terms of Alaska Airlines, I saw another report that they would place passengers in airport hotels and fly them out the next morning on another plane. Neither is true. After a 3.5 hr wait in line, our vouchers were deemed invalid at the designated hotel so we had to get a cab to find lodging in the city after midnight. No new plane was made available.

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