WORCESTER, Mass. (AP) — A college newspaper in Massachusetts is debating whether to change its name after being confused with a Ku Klux Klan publication with the same name.

Student editors at The Crusader newspaper at the College of the Holy Cross say they received letters apparently confusing them with the KKK’s official newspaper, also called The Crusader.

More than 40 professors at the Jesuit school in Worcester (WUS’-tur) have signed a letter urging the paper to reconsider its name. The professors said “acceptance and support of people from all cultures” is central to the school’s mission.

Editors at the paper are organizing a campus discussion this month.

The paper adopted the name in 1955 after previously being called The Tomahawk. The mascot at the school of 2,700 students is also the Crusader.

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  1. Alan B Flood says:

    “said “acceptance and support of people from all cultures” is central to the school’s mission.” unless of course your culture is one we disagree with – and then we will do whatever we must do to stifle true diversity of opinions . So the school will now have to change the papers name and I assume their innocent mascot must go away again. The politically correct and liberal professors of the education system are worrying about “my way or the highway” instead of teaching students how to deal with diversity and many different philosophies that exist thru out the world.. I suspect most of these professors will never be confused with Aristotle or Sophocles. What a sad state our country has become – don’t blame it on conservatives or the president – go look in the mirror and see why our country is failing – intellectual people with the inability to see and understand those who don’t meet their PC aspirations.

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