BOSTON (CBS) – The Atlanta Falcons weren’t able to keep their Poker Face during the second half and overtime of Super Bowl LI against the Patriots.

With a few weeks to ponder how his team blew a 25-point second half lead, one member of the Falcons turned to Lady Gaga as a possible scapegoat.

Wide receiver Mohamed Sanu told the NFL Network’s Good Morning Football on Friday that Lady Gaga’s 40-minute halftime performance “definitely did” impact the team’s play in the second half.

“Usually, halftime is only like 15 minutes, and when you’re not on the field for like an hour, it’s just like going to work out, like a great workout, and you go sit on the couch for an hour and then try to start working out again,” Sanu said on the NFL Network, via by CBS Sports.

Sanu said he doesn’t “know if you can simulate something like” the lengthy halftime break.

Leading up to past Super Bowl appearances, Patriots head coach Bill Belichick has had his team stop for a half hour in the middle of practice to simulate the halftime performance.

The Falcons receiver also said in the interview that the thought that Atlanta should have run the ball more in the second half “crosses your mind.” But he said the team opted to be aggressive offensively as they were all season.

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  1. First, parents should explain to their kids that “Gaga” is not a “lady”- just another sexual provocateur from the sick music industry. Second, they should explain to children that losers assign blame to for their failures to completely irrelevant targets. Third, they should explain Divine justice and hat Brady won as recompense against the liberal NFL because of their ridiculous targeting of the quarterback and his team often the nonsense of a slightly underinflated football. Finally, parents should teach their children that football is an overrated childrens’ game that makes many grown men unworthy millionaires.

  2. Dusty Rhodes says:

    Hillary Clinton era excuse.

  3. Jon Guirl says:

    I thought it was called an Escape Goat :-/

  4. Wayne Hosh says:

    For sure it can have an effect but it’s the same for both teams. …and a pre-planned break it doesn’ even begin to compare to say pro tennis where players have rain-delays and break sometimes restarting 3 times in the same day or having to go back out the next day – never knowing what might happen minute to minute during the break, then having to go back out and 1 on 1 run and hit at top speed …..bottom line: don’t be a total whiner and wimp Sanu.

  5. Wendy Godwin says:

    That rationale makes about as much sense as my son claiming that I put a hex on a team when I call the game too early. If I have more control over a game than the team does, then they need to hang it up. If Lady Gaga has more control over the Falcons than the Falcons, hahaha…I can’t even finish the sentence……and I rooted for them.

  6. Jim Monks says:

    So then the Pats should have come out and played even worse using his logic. This is loser talk from a loser, nothing more.

  7. No; “It is very bad to steal Jobus rum”!

  8. Keyser Soze says:

    Occam’s razor basically says the simplest reason is usually best. In this case, instead of trying to deflect blame..point the finger inward. Had the OC (now SF’s head coach) simply called a few more running plays the game would have been won.

  9. No, actually, you lost the game because 1) your defense completely laid down the 2nd half and 2) your idiotic play calling of your OC by not running the ball on 2nd down at the NE 22 yard line and Ryan taking a sack. You run more clock and kick that FG, then you have a nice shiny ring on your finger. Instead you are sitting here a month later blaming your laughable defeat on the half time show. Pathetic! You are on the wrong side of history and that will be replayed over and over again. Oh well.

  10. Ted Unlis says:

    Mohamed might have a point, if halftime had been only 15 instead of 40 minutes, the Falcons players might not have had time to choreograph their victory dance moves or plan their Super Bowl victory parties.

  11. Why do they call this game football ? First, it is not a ball, but two cones glued together.
    Second the feet are used only to kick a field goal, the ball is either thrown, carried, piled on or deflated. So can we rename the game to “hand-cone”? with bicycle pump optional ?

  12. The DDS, as in Democrat Denial Syndrome, seems to be contagious. Maybe it was due to another fatal flaw…..playing not to lose instead of playing to win. No, Mo, you guys just choked,,,,,BIG TIME, on the national stage, to a superior team.

  13. On my Facebook page, I’m repeatedly explaining that Atlanta is not a championship town! The Atlanta Falcons and the Atlanta Hawks always had top-notch teams–but they could never win the big ones! Yet, the Falcons had it in the bag and threw it away. QB Matt Ryan gave the game to the Patriots by not handing the ball off and running it! He and the coach should be gone!

  14. Pamela Hall says:

    I’m shocked. A loser athlete blaming someone else for his team’s poor performance. How original.

  15. Apparently the longer half time resulted in the footballs deflating, thus giving the GOAT the advantage. I thought during LG’s performance I could hear Goodell yelling “check the pressures. For God’s sake someone check the pressures.”

  16. Gene Maynard says:

    The Patriots, on the other hand, must have only had to sit out a 15 minute half-time!?!?!?!

    O, and BTW, this was the Superbowl….. all the half-times are longer…… did you work for Hillary at one time?

  17. Oh please!
    Nobody should blame a sports loss on Gaga’s blubbery performance.

  18. Well snowflake, the only “trouble” with halftime is… there remains a full 2 quarters of play afterwards. And BOTH teams had to experience the same halftime show. The Falcons came out of halftime with an impressive touchdown drive, then the sideline party commenced…….The Patriots were not invited to that party, so they commenced to play football. “It ain’t over ’til it’s over.”

  19. Whatever happened to taking responsibility for your own actions. Every celeb that fails MAKES an EXCUSE and BLAMES everyone and everything around them instead of saying something like…”If we had remained more focused in the task at hand we would have done better , we will have to make sure that we mentally do not relax next time.”
    Nope it was Lady Gaga ‘s halftime show , yeah that’s it she made us lose……..grown man giving this excuse……….pathetic

  20. I’m curious how the Patriots escaped Lady Gaga’s 1/2 hour half time show? It only affected the Falcons. I guess the Patriots somehow shortened their halftime break to 15 minutes!

    The audacity of blame-shifting!

  21. Wait, wasn’t the halftime break just as long for the Patriots as the Falcons?

  22. Don Rhudy says:

    Doubtless Sanu has a point. I’ve often wondered about those long halftime shows at the Super Bowl and their effect on the game. In the first Super Bowls they used a regular length halftime and they should do it still. The halftime shows, incidentally, are boring and a waste of time and money.

  23. more cry baby stuff. this half time show was the same length as other super bowl shows.
    and, let’s see, was the length of the half time show the same for the patriots as it was for the falcons?

  24. The failure of the offense to sustain any drives and give their defense a break was the root cause of the loss. Anyone could see the drop off in play between the first and fourth quarter. A defense cannot be expected to defend over 90 plays and win.

  25. Jeff Yorton says:

    What a moron. The other team operates under the same conditions. Here’s my take on why you lost, Mr. Sanu. You and your team SUCKED.

  26. Bill Jackman says:

    He makes a good point. And Belichek is genius to take a halftime break in his practices.

  27. mrsugs says:

    Sounds like another person who wants to blames others for there loss. Man up, you got beaten down in a romp by the Patriots who had a better team. The Patriots,were minus some of there star players,yet they did not cry and complain. They went out and play like Pros and won the game. Get over it snow flake. You sound like a lamocrat.

  28. Lei Pong says:

    BS…accept what happened work and grow…excuses will keep you from being a champion. Dominick Cruz sums it well/…

  29. Kim A Kirk says:

    I also remember during one Super Bowl the lights went out for a good while during the game… and it too was a momentum changer. The team that was losing came back and won. But both teams are affected… you have to play thru those things.

  30. MH Thomas says:

    I guess every Superbowl Loser could use this same excuse. It was probably the best Superbowl game ever and Atlanta deserves a lot of credit but on that day the Patriots were/are the better team. Sorry to see Sanu looking for excuses outside the locker room.

  31. I did not realize that the Falcons had a longer half time that the Patriots.

    If both teams did not play by the same rules then maybe he’d have an argument.

  32. Looks like the hare was so confident about winning the race that he decided to take a little nap at the half way point.

  33. A black Muslim blaming someone else for the lose. Does he think he is a former president?

  34. The halftime shows are stupid. The only thing good about them is that it gives me time to walk my dog. A constipated dog needs more time and I don’t have to rush back.

  35. Neil Mace says:

    Did not New England have the same Lengthy half-time?

  36. The fact that Gaga is an admitted satanist might also have something to do with it.
    Perhaps the Patriots knew to be centered in prayer so and demons she called up couldn’t suck their life force?

  37. Must’ve really brain locked the Falcon’s coaching staff worse than anyone.

  38. He’s got it all Backwards…. The Patriots came out for the second half well rested where the Falcons were all pooped out.

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