BOSTON (CBS) — ESPN First Take host Max Kellerman made headlines at the start of the 2016 season when he said that Tom Brady was “just about done” and is “going to be a bum in short order.” That hasn’t happened yet, but Kellerman has apparently faced a constant avalanche of criticism from Patriots fans ever since he made those comments – so he decided to fire back.

Kellerman’s most recent “Final Take” focused on the Patriots’ fanbase and said that most people don’t hate the Patriots because of the team’s success, but because of the fans. You can watch his full diatribe in the above video.

“No one anywhere in this country feels any sympathy for the New England Patriots,” said Kellerman. “There are sympathetic characters, and then there are all of you. Want to know why? Every single one of your major sports franchises has won a championship in the past 10 years yet, somehow, you still play the persecution card!”

Kellerman then summarized the past two years of the DeflateGate debacle and criticized owner Robert Kraft for his recent comments about refusing to forget what happened. Kellerman believes that the way Patriots fans react to every bit of criticism hurled the team’s way is the real reason the Patriots are so reviled in other parts of the country.

“Hey New England: living well is the best revenge,” says Kellerman. “Whining after everything – and I mean everything – goes your way all the time … there’s a reason everyone hates you guys. It’s not that your teams are so good. It’s that you handle it all so badly. Get over yourselves. Please.”

Kellerman has probably gotten plenty of further grief from Patriots fans since he proclaimed himself right about Tom Brady nearly three weeks ago – in the middle of the Super Bowl.

Clearly, Kellerman is fed up. Surely, Patriots fans will leave him alone now.

Yes, perhaps some Patriots fans play the “persecution card” excessively at times. But maybe they wouldn’t do it so much if the team weren’t constantly under attack from people like Kellerman at all corners of sports media. It’s hard to enjoy a team’s accomplishments when the rest of the country is perpetually trying to discredit them.

Kellerman may have been better off just pulling an Aaron Rodgers, admitting that Brady is the GOAT and moving on. Now, he may face more angry Patriots fans than ever.

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  1. This is called trying to make himself relevant.

  2. LOL – Max Kellerman? – Please. The very first time I tuned in to a program of First Take to see who was replacing Skip Bayless, after 10 minutes of listening to him it was enough. He and his cohost of that show are determined to gain attention by making controversial statements. What else is new. It’s sports TV and radio at it’s worst. And any fan of any team sport, that is writing letters to someone whose job and intent is to stir up controversy is just taking the bait. It’s a free country, he can have any opinion he wants to have. Don’t give him an audience.

    And who is watching football commentary at this point? The season is over. And when the season starts, First Take is not on my list of sports programs that I watch. Vote by changing the channel.

  3. Max Kellerman, you will never achieve even half of what Brady has done since day 1. You cannot do what he does and you also are not a doctor so you do not know when he will retire. he and his wife have more money than you will ever make so they will not be “bums”. Tom Brady is a very smart man. You however, are acting like a 2 year old who didn’t get his way.

  4. Who is this ass clown? You are irrelevant.

  5. this is the same asshat that predicts Brady is going off a cliff, every year.

  6. The problem with Max is that his is a not so bright guy who thinks he is a bright guy. There’s an old saying about that but it’s really not worth repeating. You are so bright that you think everyone will not notice that you fail to mention any of your not so bright comments. Like at the beginning of the season when you said the Patriots were done. How’d that work out? Or throughout the year when you said Brady was falling off the cliff, and when Atlanta was ahead by 25 points in the Superbowl you tweeted……I’m not going to remind you because your feelings might be hurt. After all you are so nice to everyone else. Oh, and aren’t you the one that said Brady “was going to be a bum soon.”? Nice. How about you come up to New England and step up to a bowl of Chowdah?

  7. He forgot to disclose that he too hates the Pats. Haters will hate

  8. Max, your opinion is irrelevant and biased.Besides that nobody in their right mind would listen to anything you say because you are an idiot

  9. Grey Hoody says:

    I think he and Trent Dilfer were separated at birth

  10. Kellerman is obviously a hater who is getting desperate. Its difficult to find a way to put down the superbowl champs so he pivots to the fans. Seems like he has a pretty bad case of “Patriots envy”. The best thing he could do is go out and buy one of those TB12 jerseys and start proudly wearing it about town. It will be much better for his health.

  11. “No one anywhere in this country feels any sympathy for the New England Patriots,”

    Wow, that is impressive. Kellerman has been named spokesperson for everyone in the country. He must be very special. When did they hold the election? I must have missed it!

    I’m a bit skeptical though. There may be a few people that have sympathy for the Patriots.

    There are those numerous scientists from around the country and some in Europe that have analyzed the numbers in the Wells report and stated explicitly and unanimously (as in every single one of them) that there is no scientific evidence of tampering and that weather accounts for all pressure measurements.

    Not only that, but a number of them have pointed out an appalling amount of deceit and fraud in the Wells report that the authors had to know about.

    You know, they are the ones that have totally and completely debunked deflategate beyond any shadow of a doubt. I’m betting that they have some sympathy for the Patriots.

    And probably those that have bothered to read their reports and the Wells report too. You know, the people that base their opinions out of knowledge, not jealous envy, and understand what a railroad job deflategate was. they might have some sympathy too.

    Oh well, to named spokesperson for the whole country is quite an honor, Kellerman must be special.

    1. Great comment. I think you covered all the bases and have Kellerman’s number. :-)

  12. He’s starting to sound like the snowflakes who voted for Hillary Clinton. Excuse, after excuse, after excuse. Just STFU!!!

  13. LOL Max, you are sooooo lucky you have a job.. You and our little manscaped goatee..Rarely do I encounter someone as dumb as you in life. Honestly, you might be the dumbest person on TV after whoopi Goldberg.. seriously, I think calling you a moron does a disservice to the moron community. You must have pictures of the producers of your show, cannot fathom any other instance in which anyone would put a camera and mic in front of you

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