FORT MYERS, Fla. (CBS) – Makenna Woodburn made a lasting connection when she lined up to meet the Red Sox at spring training, but it wasn’t with a baseball player.

The 7-year-old was waiting to get an autograph in Fort Myers on Saturday when she noticed U.S. Army reservist Olyvia Russell standing to the side.

That’s when the little girl chose to give up her place in line and ask for an autograph from the soldier instead.

“She’s the hero instead of baseball players,” Makenna said.

Makenna’s mom, Angie, took photos of the heartwarming moment and shared them to Facebook, asking if anyone knew the name of the woman in uniform.

Social media came through and connected Russell with the family. They’re hoping to meet up again soon.

“This little girl, she proved to me that what I’m doing in life is OK and I’m doing something that’s good enough,” Russell said.

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  1. And kudos go to this girls parents, they have taught her right.. Bless her and them.

  2. You are valued except by the Democrats who decimated the armed services and weakened the USA in the world

  3. honestjohng says:

    Having served six years in the military, I have never considered myself to be a hero of any sort. Yes, there are many heroic soldiers but just because one wears a uniform that does not mean they are a hero in any way. Some soldiers do bad things in uniform, some fight in combat but most are just support troops who cook, drive, hand out supplies or sit being computers so stop with all of this hero stuff and save it for the real ones.

    1. Former grunt here, no one who served thinks they are a hero unless they are an ass. That being said, everyone who chooses to sign on the dotted line and wear the uniform has done something most will never do. Cooks, support, all are important. Yeah they might not be an Audie Murphy, but Audie could never have done what he did without everyone in the background. We grunts joke about POGS but we love our cooks, medics, and payroll clerks till they screw up. The fact that this girl, see’s the uniform as someone to look up to, is amazing and I am sure appreciated.

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