By Louisa Moller, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) – A Russian spy ship was spotted 30 miles off the coast of Connecticut and some naval experts say it is a test by Moscow of the new Trump administration.

The vessel is called an AGI or auxiliary general intelligence and it is capable of intercepting radar, radio waves, and other communications.

The ship traveled north from Havana, Cuba. It was seen along the coast of Delaware and was most recently spotted in international waters off the coast of Connecticut near the Groton naval base.

“It has a few very, very short range self-defense surface-to-air missiles but it has no offensive capability. The citizens of the East Coast of the United States are in no danger from this vessel at all,” U.S. Naval War College professor and Director of the Russia Maritime Studies Institute Dr. Michael Petersen said.

Russian spy ship (WBZ-TV)

Russian spy ship (WBZ-TV)

Petersen says Russian intelligence trips such as this are relatively routine. However, in the context of other events such as the buzzing of a U.S. Navy destroyer by Russian jets in the Black Sea, Petersen says it is a clear test of the Trump administration and could raise tensions.

“Moscow is attempting to push and probe to determine where the Trump administration may draw the line here,” said Petersen.

For now, the ship remains in international waters.

“There’s very little that can be done in addition to monitoring it very, very closely,” Petersen said.


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