BOSTON (CBS) — Massachusetts Rep. Seth Moulton has been highly critical of the President’s immigration ban.

The North Shore Democrat served four tours in Iraq and tried to help his Iraqi interpreter get asylum here in the United States.

Moulton voiced his displeasure with President Trump on Twitter.

“Your Muslim ban is completely at odds with our most fundamental value: freedom. I’m ashamed that you are our president.”

Moulton says the president’s move is putting the country at risk.

“It’s also making America less safe. And that’s something that Americans need to understand today is that Trump is harming our national security. It will incite attacks against us. ISIS is already using this ban as propaganda. And it will prevent us from being able to get allies that are so critical in our war against terror,” Rep. Moulton said Sunday.

Moulton says he’s not against Mr. Trump wanting a national security review, but he calls the president’s actions “un-American.”

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  1. Seth, I’m ashamed you’re my representative because you sure don’t represent my values. You’re an embarrassment to your fellow veterans too. What the hell happened to you? Back when you were first elected you used to think for yourself. You made sense and actually sounded like a true patriot and you sounded like you really cared about your constituents. Now you just sound like a career, leftist politician, and not a very smart one either. You now come across as a man who will say whatever the party tells you to say. Time to reexamine your game Seth, or this term in office will be your last.

  2. hocuspocus13 says:

    Republicans are concerned with the American people and their safety

    DemocRats are concerned about the refugees and illegal immigrants

    Keep it up Dems…

    You’ll lose again in 2018 election

  3. we been ashamed for the last eight years… suck it up buttercup~

    1. John Koempel says:

      Richard, I agree with you 110%. If anyone from any other country does not agree with our values , laws, or our way of life then you are more than welcomed to take your lousy backsides out of my country and go to some other country. GOOD BY AND DON’T COME BACK.

  4. Craig Stace says:

    Has to be Democrat…! Who else post such Anti-American drivel?

  5. Good to see the trumpettes are all out and commenting. Funny how comments here criticize a man who actually served his country over a person who has NEVER served his country and still is not serving his country today. So far the comments by Craig, Richard, Steve, hocuspocus13 are nothing more then hate filled and all based on lies. People who are deaf, dumb and blind, hear better, are smarter and see better then any of you.

    1. Spot on William. I’m ashamed to be the same species as Putin’s Puppet. These folks lap up anything that drops from trump’s fish lips like flies lapping up their own vomit.

    2. Mr. Freer, you evidently have been asleep for the last 8 years or you would have noticed the state theworld is in today because of Obama. Never before have we faced so many threats from enemies as we do today. Obama cuddled up to our enemies while giving thefinger to our friends. I guess liberals are so myopic they can only see what they want to see.

      1. “Obama cuddled up with our enemies” Trump is Putin’s own personal Linda Lovelace. Have some more kool-aid Mike.

    3. John Koempel says:

      Well Seth, I served my country for 20 years and have seen my share of active duty. Thanks to GOD I’m here to talk about it today but for you, you are a very sad being to represent our country in saying what you have said. Go to any other country and see what kind of treatment you get from that country,(if you get to be able to talk about it).

  6. I’m ashamed a fellow Veteran does not support OUR President in keeping America safe. Behold the NEW John Kerry everyone.

  7. Cole Ng says:

    Rep. Seth Moulto.I’m ashamed you’re my representative

    1. John Koempel says:

      Moulton, I’m ashamed that you want to call yourself a representative of this great country. Do you not have any honor for this country? OR are you just thinking about your muslim brothers?

  8. Somethings i found by doing a bit of research so please google these sites and respond back… The 4 stages of Islamic conquest circa 2010 … Made my blood chill to the bone with its almost prophetic content …. Remember these topics were brought up 7 years ago so one cannot call this fake news or politically motivated to the current political avenue …

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