BOSTON (CBS) – President Donald Trump signed executive orders Wednesday that jump-start construction of a US-Mexico border wall and strip funding for sanctuary cities.

Mayor Marty Walsh denounced the president’s plan and is promising immigrants they will have a safe space in Boston.

“The latest executive orders and statements by the president about immigrants are a direct attack on Boston’s people, Boston’s strength and Boston’s values,” Walsh said.

The mayor said 28 percent of Boston residents are immigrants and 48 percent have at least one foreign born parent.

“I want to say directly to anyone who feels threatened today or vulnerable you are safe in Boston,” Walsh said. “We will do everything in our power to protect you – if necessary we will use City Hall itself to shelter and protect anyone who is targeted unjustly.”

The mayor said that people could also sleep in his office if they need to.

Undocumented immigrants like Estrella Lopez from Mexico are also reacting to the President’s executive orders.

“If you are a father, you have daughters, you have sons, you have to be very cautious what you are doing to the families that are living here in the United States,” Lopez said.

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  1. Hey Walsh……..this has nothing to do with LEGAL immigrants… has to do with being a felon by harboring ILLEGAL ALIENS!!

    1. I’d give your comment 50 thumbs up if I could! Well said.

    2. Exactly. Someone who is here illegally is not being unfairly targeted. We are merely enforcing our immigration laws.

    3. Katy Burton says:

      Short, sweet and true!


  3. Stan Bowers says:

    They aren’t “Boston’s people”…they are here illegally.

  4. Hey Marty – This is about upholding the LAW, not your stupid feel-good agenda. These people are here in violation of the LAW. What kind of example are you setting by encouraging violations of Federal law? You should be removed from office for this stupidity.

    Don’t like the law? Elect congressional representation that will change the law, not clowns you have now: Warren, Moulton, Clark and the rest of them.

  5. I’m pretty shocked that Mayor Walsh made these irresponsible and inaccurate statements. He is actually saying that he won’t follow federal law. Thankfully, Governor Baker, keeps his head. We all are happy to have legal immigrants. America has always accepted immigrants. My great grandparents came to this country. Legally.

    Mayor Walsh’s position seems to line up with the platform presented by the Women’s March last weekend. Which amounts to that illegal immigrants have MORE rights than Americans. According to illegal immigrants, American does not have the right to deport them. That America as a sovereign nation does not have the right to be self determining and make their own laws. Including immigration laws. We have had an immigration policy on the books for years, and during 8 years of Obama’s administration those laws were ignored. Whether we all agree to accept 10,000, or 100,000, immigrants legally into this country, what we agree to and what becomes law, has to be respected and enforced. Including qualifications for admission to the United States. Anything less undermines the rule of law in our country and the world, and gives encouragement to all people, that they can do what they want without expectation of any repercussion.

    Many countries have stricter immigration laws then our country. And which countries do not defend their borders? Limitless immigration into our country is not an option. Is completely unacceptable to me personally. Telling Americans that they have no right to determine who can and can’t come into our country is very provocative. I’m sorry that Mayor Walsh didn’t give more thought to making that statement today.

    1. Katy Burton says:

      Very thoughtful comment, Lizzz.

  6. Kevin Hart says:

    Everything he mentioned about President Trump should be addressing is where our resources should be going to America’s elderly, vets, homeless etc and taking care of citizens from failed countries.

  7. Kevin Hart says:

    Everything he mentioned about President Trump should be addressing is where our resources should be going to America’s elderly, vets, homeless etc and taking care of citizens from failed countries is not an option!

  8. Kathy Leahy says:

    God bless you, Marty Walsh, for your courage, your conscience, and your compassion. Ignore the haters.

    1. I’m sorry Kathy, that you have decided to judge anyone who believes in a reasonable immigration policy as “haters”. I have a conscience and the courage of my convictions and compassion and no hate. I just don’t agree with your position on immigration.

      And your suggestion that your solution to this polarization in our country, to ignore people who disagree with you and hope they will go away. Not seeing how you believe that is the right attitude to take toward your fellow Americans, or why you think that is going to produce any positive result.

    2. Alan B Flood says:

      And it sure makes for feel good stuff for a mayor who is going to running against a minority opponent. Sa do anything that might garner more votes but in the meantime how much money might Boston be losing from the feds.

  9. It’s not appropriate that I say, since I’m European, but I wonder which State is the first to leave the union… “Mr Trump also predicted that other countries would follow Britain’s lead in leaving the European Union”

    1. Ken Reilly says:

      Are you kidding me? Your statement is a perfect example of the liberal theology and lack of educating the public and our kids in school in America. The States in the United States are bound together by the Constitution, the Civil War pretty much settled that issue. The 14th Amendment is one example. Any State who had the desire to secede would have to go to war with the U.S. and no State has a military capable to do such a thing.

      1. @ Ken – And yet, I’ve had conversations online with residents of Washington, who have told me the Western States want to secede. This person told me she was going to help organize a petition. She very vindictively reminded me that all our produce comes from California and after they seceded, they were going to keep all the food and starve us. True story.

      2. Actually it’s not USA’s education system’s fault if I have lack of education: Europe is not in US. Do you think Trump would start a civil war, if a State would announce it will leave the Union?

  10. You ignorant people living in Boston don’t belong there. You need to leave if you can’t stand with Walsh! The drug cartel comes in through underground tunnels. How does a wall help that. You just keep families out that are fleeing the cartel with a wall!

    1. Katy Burton says:

      Careful with that word “ignorant”, Debbe. Yes, they have found tunnels, but that is not the way most drugs are brought into this country. President Trump isn’t adding any new laws, he is merely enforcing laws already on the books that the former administration failed to enforce.

  11. Donna McKay says:

    What part of the word ILLEGAL do people not understand?

  12. Ken Reilly says:

    Boston’s Mayor Walsh cannot say no to Trumps EO about immigration and illegal, key word here is “illegal” immigrants. Walsh is a typical liberal moron.

  13. Cliff Davis says:

    Marty walsh is a hero. The federal govt has no right to tell our police what to do. Once we let them do that we become nazi germany.

  14. The United States began in Boston with a Tea Party. Today’s revolution against Trump’s attempts to grow the Federal Government’s power over the States again begins in Boston.

  15. Bravo Mayor Walsh! You are a good man, a humanitarian, and someone who respects the fundamental principles of the American people. It is a country of immigrants, built by immigrants, and governed by immigrants, who came here for a better/safer life. How can the US start excluding people who now come to America for the same reasons ? If this is the way it is, then send back the 1st Lady….she wasn’t born here and thus has no right to be the first lady of our country if she allows her husband to discriminate.

  16. I’ll bet his offer to sleep in his office doesn’t extend to homeless vets or legal homeless children. Disgusting!

  17. Aziz Ul Haq says:

    great people have great thoughts. I really appreciate the words of respectable Walsh. those who respect others are always respected by others. Walsh realizes that US is everyone country and home which floriate the image of the Americans and america. Although, the image of the US is tried to be spoiled across the world within the mind of the common strata by every country but to me its image must not be spoiled by its own people and government at least. The minds, thoughts, hearts and chests of the US people must be wisest and widest like the land of the US then it will always be on the zenith on the map of the world.

  18. Roma Amor says:

    A lazy one…..

    Labor positions[edit]
    Walsh joined the Laborers Local 223 union at age 21!!!!! and served as the union’s president until his election to the Mayoralty of Boston.[7]

    He was elected secretary-treasurer and general agent of the Boston Metropolitan District Building Trades Council, a union umbrella group, in the fall of 2010. In 2011, Walsh was named head of the Boston Building Trades, a position that came with a $175,000 yearly salary.[8] Walsh resigned his post when he announced he was running for Mayor in 2013.[9]

  19. Boston is my home city. Mayor Walsh’s disrespect for our Potus and our laws appall me beyond belief. No, Boston does not need to be a Sanctuary City protecting illegal criminals. Most here are immigrants but that is not what we are talking about. Illegal is the same as criminal. Time to protect all of your citizens and not just the illegal criminals.

    1. Cliff Davis says:

      Maybe you can put one in a cage and drown it in your pool.

  20. Dear President Trump; If anyone acts to hinder your policies governing illegal immigrants, or aids to help them evade Immigration Laws, please by all means have the FBI arrest them for obstruction of justice, aiding an illegal, unlawful obstruction of Federal Government. The Mayor of Boston has said he will go as far as to use city hall to aid and abet illegal immigrants.

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