By Mike LaCrosse, WBZ-TV

FOXBORO (CBS) — Patriots fans were playing a game of where’s Roger Goodell during Sunday night’s AFC Championship game at Gillette as they chanted the commissioner’s name repeatedly.

“The fans always get jacked,” said 98.5 The Sports Hub Host Scott Zolak. “You could hold up anything and they’re gonna go nuts about it.”

Zolak helped rally the fans in the fourth quarter by holding up a “Where is Roger” sign from the broadcast booth.

“It came out organically, something I had it in my bag. Just in case the moment, the game was in hand,” Zolak said.

Commissioner Goodell opted to stay in Atlanta for the second week in a row to watch the NFC Championship rather than come to Gillette.

“We came from Nova Scotia he could have came from wherever he is at to make it here,” said Greg Campbell.

Roger Goodell hasn’t set foot in Foxboro for two years amid the deflategate drama.

His game of hide and seek with TB12 will come to and end during Super Bowl LI especially if the Pats win and Tom Brady claims another MVP title.

“It is the ultimate revenge match and Roger Goodell can’t hide. He wouldn’t come here so we’re gonna go to Houston and take the trophy from him,” said Patriots fan Sean Risattes.

“This whole season has been revenge for him,” said Patriots fan Maddie Smith.

“I think it karma I don’t necessarily think it’s revenge… we all knew it was going to happen. Maybe in hindsight we thank him for that four week rest he gave Tom,” said Patriots fan Kathy Leonard.

The NFL says Goodell choose not to go to Gillette Stadium Sunday night because he wanted the focus on the players.