SOUTH BOSTON (CBS) — New dad Igor Belagorudsky has lived in South Boston for about a year and a half, and in that time, he’s already seen his fair share of space savers.

“Our neighbor was telling us one year she put out a toilet, an old toilet,” says Belagorudsky.

But nothing bothered him more than an aggressive note left on a car in the neighborhood last week. The author threatens the driver, saying they’ll slash their tires and key their car for removing a space saver.

The threatening note (Image credit City of Boston)

The threatening note (Image credit City of Boston)

“I said, you know, this is unnecessary,” he said. “People here are so nice and it’s such a neighborhood-y feel, everyone is so friendly. All of that friendliness goes out the window when it starts to snow and people are shoveling, and there’s no need for it.”

In an effort to calm everyone down Belagorudsky created, hoping to better explain the confusion over the rules of a snow emergency.

The website. (WBZ-TV)

The website. (WBZ-TV)

“The problem is no one knows when it starts, unless you’re tracking tweets, websites, googling it all the time,” he said. “And definitely no one knows when it ends.”

Can I Save My Space automatically updates with information from the city’s alert system, and gives people wondering if they can save their space a straight forward area: “definitely no” or “definitely yes.”

Igor Belagorudsky. (WBZ-TV)

Igor Belagorudsky. (WBZ-TV)

Within two days of it’s creation, more than 5,000 people had visited the site–but Belagorudsky is just hoping his idea makes life a little easier.

“Hey, I live in Southie I care,” Belagorudsky said. “This is for the neighborhood.”


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