FOXBORO (CBS) – Two off-duty firefighters helped save the life of a man who had a heart attack in the middle of Saturday’s Patriots game at Gillette Stadium.

Groton Fire Lt. Jim Crocker and Westford firefighter John Tuomi were in the stands when a 61-year-old man in front of them collapsed.

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“We heard someone yell for help, and two rows down a gentleman looked to be unconscious,” said Crocker.

An emergency defibrillator. (WBZ-TV)

An emergency defibrillator. (WBZ-TV)

The two began emergency resuscitation efforts while a security guard ran to get a defibrillator.

“We started compressions right away and pretty much everything else became white noise,” Crocker said.

Tuomi said he knew Crocker’s CPR efforts were working, because with every compression he felt a pulse in the man’s wrist.

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Conditions at the noisy stadium made it difficult to save the man, but the defibrillator did the trick.

“With a crowd of people around and music blasting it was kind of hard for us to hear what the (defibrillator) wanted us to do,” said Tuomi.

Two off duty firefighters saved a man's life at the Patriots game on Christmas Eve. (WBZ-TV)

Two off duty firefighters saved a man’s life at the Patriots game on Christmas Eve. (WBZ-TV)

Foxboro firefighters and ambulance personnel arrived to the seats and brought the man to an area hospital.

He is now at home recovering.

“It’s a great feeling. We get into this job to help people,” said Crocker.

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“When it comes to the outcome, it’s the greatest feeling in the world,” said Tuomi.