BOSTON (CBS) — Andover State Rep. James Lyons got to the State House early today to set up a nativity scene.

It’s the first time in recent memory that there’s been a nativity scene there–and Lyons isn’t sure if there’s ever been one.

Lyons was told he could not have a nativity scene on the lawn of the State House, so he contacted the Thomas Moore Society, which then contacted a group of Boston lawyers–and a few days ago, Lyons was told he could have a nativity scene inside the building, in the Great Hall of Flags.

The nativity was set to be open from noon to 3 p.m. Thursday.

Rep. Lyons told WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Carl Stevens he’s glad for the opportunity to display the nativity.

“This is what Christmas is all about,” Lyons said. “The nativity scene is representative of a lot of Christians … Jesus entered the world and love hope and joy was his message, and that’s what we want people to understand, that’s our message.”

He said he hopes to make the nativity an annual tradition.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Carl Stevens reports

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  1. Frank Dorka says:

    I am so glad that everyone in Mass. is a Christian so that no one can be offended at this blatant endorsement of Christianity. Are there any other Constitutional laws that the state wishes to toss in the toilet? How about the right to assemble? You couldn’t meet in churches to do your disgusting Christian Privilege antics.

    1. There is a Menorah in the State House as well. No religion has been established. Just “the Free Expression Thereof…” as guaranteed in the Constitution.

      1. Rick Drywaal says:

        The Government does not have the freedom of religion or the freedom of speech. Those rights are reserved for the People.

  2. The nativity scene should be taken down immediately, and the endorsement of Christianity by a public official, on public property should not be tolerated.

  3. Rep. James Lyons seems to think that he can use the taxpayers’ State House for his religious displays. Just the name of the building, STATE House, should clue him in that this is not a place for cults or religions to display their symbols. It should be removed from our property.

  4. Please add the Great Pentacle in the sky that led the wise men to Jesus who was living in a House…….Mathew 2:11

    1. and the Menorah because Yeshua was a Jew………

    2. and Satan because he tempted Yeshua……and the Witch of Endor…..and Lilith…….Adams 1st Wife……

    3. ahhh Hell add the Heathen/Pagan Yule Tree also……Jeremiah 10:2-5

  5. Every other religious emblems should be added too…..Kawanza,Sawali the Festival of Lights and all others or All or None…..America stands for freedom of (ALL) Religions and freedom FROM (ALL) religions also……….ALL or NONE…..

  6. Rick Drywaal says:

    It’s funny when full-grown adults need to play with dolls… I mean action figures.

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