FREETOWN (CBS) – The largest medical marijuana growing and processing facility in the country will be built in Massachusetts.

Denver-based AmeriCann will build a 1 million square-foot cultivation facility in Freetown. It has chosen Campanelli Construction in Braintree to be the general contractor for the project, the Boston Business Journal reports.

AmeriCann bought the site for almost $5 million from Boston Beer Works, which had intended to build a brewery on the property before plans fell through.

The BBJ says construction on the Massachusetts Medical Cannabis Center would start in March, and marijuana production could begin in the fall of 2017.

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  1. Jack Bower says:

    Good more jobs and economic growth for MA

  2. So the Colorado cannabis Monopoly gets to get more….?

  3. Jake Goodale says:

    That is great. Since MA legalized first will have a great opportunity to capture the economic benefits of production for the ENTIRE New England region. The tax revenue from just the business production side along will be massive.

    1. That company is based in Colorado. Guess where they will be paying their taxes? Not in Massachussetts ….

  4. County’s biggest growing facility? It would have to be indoors ( especially iof they are going to start growing in the fall) … massachusetts really doesn’t have an ideal growing climate. Don’t get me wrong – all for it – but this sounds like it’s going to consume mountains of fossil fuels and leave a giant carbon footprint, when generating carbon is the last thing we need. Even a small personal grow ( 2-3K watts ) uses enough energy for four or five families. And this is going to be the BIGGEST ONE?
    We need greenhouses and organic sun grown cannabis to treat medical conditions, not factory-farmed indoor weed made with chemical nutes. We also don’t need that giant carbon footprint. What is the parent company? Are they going to do anything to offset their massive carbon footprint and obscene energy usage?

  5. Also Americann? Really? All of the money is going out of state to the parent company ion Colorado. Howzabout making room for the locals to start their own businesses so the money stays in the community, instead of letting Weed Wal-Mart have the biggest permit. Doesn’t that defeat the purpose? Isn’t that supposed to be the impetus for the politicos, money for the state county and municipal coffers? Guess where it’s NOT going to go if some big out of state company gets the biggest permit ….. Howzabout some free market competition, monopolies are technically illegal in this country.

  6. Tim Granahan says:

    Looking for growers who want to contribute to our advice columns

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