BOSTON (CBS) – Just about everyone wants to walk a mile in Tom Brady’s shoes. Three people will get the chance thanks to a social media contest the superstar quarterback held on Thursday.

Brady posted on Facebook Thursday morning that he was hiding three pairs of his old UGGs around Boston, urging followers to “stay tuned for clues.”

The quarterback shared a follow-up picture of two pairs of slippers and a pair of boots. All three were autographed by Brady.

Some fans were concerned that the footwear had already been worn. When a Facebook user asked if the UGGs smell, the quarterback replied “Oh yeah!”

Brady thanked his fans after the search was over, and gave a shout out to one man who was injured trying to find the signed slippers. Luke Barosky says he lost a tooth and cut his face while searching in Dorchester.

“So if anyone is up at Dorchester Heights,” Luke wrote on Facebook. “The slippers are gone but my tooth is still there.”

Brady shared a picture of Luke’s bloody face and said he would send him a pair of the UGGs he “worked so hard to get.”

  1. Mike Allen says:

    So, this guy gets rewarded by Brady for being clumsily stupid?????

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