The following is a transcription from Michael Felger on the Felger & Massarotti Show from Dec. 15, 2016, edited only for clarity or brevity. Felger was not happy about the Bruins playing the struggling Jimmy Hayes, who has one goal in his last 41 games, on the second power play unit during a 4-3 overtime loss to the Penguins.

Let’s speak about Hayes for a second, shall we? I’m not blaming Jimmy Hayes for this. It’s gotten to the point where I feel bad for the guy. I do. It’s not happening. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a run like this for a player – to call it a “run” is to imply that he’s better than this, and I don’t know that he is.

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He was zeroes across the board again last night. Did you know that he has one goal, no assists in his last 41 games? That is exactly a half-season. Forty-one games, one point, and he’s a minus-13. … So this is a statement that’s not about Jimmy Hayes, but it’s really about the organization.

You’re telling me that you have no one in Providence – no one! – who, for eight minutes a night, you could throw out there and maybe have it bounce off his ass for a secondary assist. Maybe not even that, but the kid’s 21 and he skates well and in a couple of years you project him to be something.

Jimmy Hayes plays every night – and he also … was on the second power play! That means you and your organization sucks. That means you are so thin and so lousy at the AHL level, or at the organizational level, that not only does Jimmy Hayes play every night, he’s on your second power play.

What do they have in Providence? I don’t follow it worth a sniff, but someone show me the roster. … You mean to tell me they have no one who can shoot the puck? What do they have down there where Jimmy Hayes plays every single night, is on your second power play, and has one point in 41 games?

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It speaks to the organization. You have nothing worth trying in Providence that’s better than that? He doesn’t even skate well! He doesn’t hit people.

This isn’t Hayes’ fault; I’m not piling on him. This is not about him. He is what he is. And I hope he goes somewhere and turns it around – I don’t wish ill on Jimmy Hayes. This speaks to the organization. You have nothing worth trying other than that? That is so bad.

You want to throw a 19-year-old kid out there who skates well and has upside, I’ll take one point over 41 games. The coach won’t – anyone else puts up one point in 41 games and he’s young, the coach is going to bench him, send him back to Providence. How does this guy play every single night? How does he get second power play minutes?

One goal in 41 games. How badly does your organization suck if he keeps playing every single night? It can’t suck that bad. It doesn’t suck that bad. Play a kid. Give those meaningless eight minutes to a kid. Please. For the love of God.

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