BOSTON (CBS) — That was quite the morning commute yesterday, wasn’t it, thanks to a little bit of poorly-timed precipitation.

Or, more accurately, thanks to the amazingly poor driving skills of a handful of us.

I get it, not every driver who gets in an accident during bad weather was driving recklessly. Sometimes, an icy patch can sneak up on you.

But I’m sure many of you observed drivers going way too fast in the slop yesterday morning.

One friend of mine said he and his wife held their breath as they watched a truck zoom down Beacon Hill in the snow, leaving zero margin for error to avoid a terrible crash.

I get tired of lecturing people on the obvious, that you’ve got to slow down in bad weather. But it’s apparently a message that needs to be repeated every year, like the warning to be careful walking on pond ice after a long thaw.

So allow me to direct you to a website called, where they review a number of myths about driving on slick roads, including:

“I’m a good driver and have the skill and experience to drive highway speeds in ice and snow.”

No, you don’t.

As the authors put it: “No vehicle can safely go highway speeds on icy roads.”

They also note that there is no equipment or technology that can allow you to ignore that rule, and that roads which have been plowed, salted and sanded may be passable but still aren’t safe for regular speeds.

Here’s the message in short: next time we get a mess like yesterday morning, slow down, will ya?

Please don’t make me have to come yell at you about this again.

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Comments (3)
  1. Olde Owle says:

    You’ll come an yell at people again, Jon.

    You’re the prime example of a road-rager.

    It’s unconfident…read scared…drivers like you that should be off the roads in icy and snowy conditions…It’s your hesitant, unpredictable driving habits that cause most of the problems.

    I’d far prefer to drive with the truckers on the icy and snow roads than with drivers like you.

  2. Steve Stein says:

    “Please don’t make me have to come yell at you about this again.”

    I don’t believe you are sincere here. After all, this perennial is worth 5-6 columns a year, right?

  3. Alan B Flood says:

    Jon, please go back to reviewing movies – your prognostications on this year’s elections were way off base and now you are taking it out on the terrible drivers on snowy roads – have you profiled some of these bad drivers? teens, green card holders, and illegal immigrants from warm weather countries maybe?? – wonder how many of these poor winter drivers don’t have a valid license to drive never mind some driver education or maybe even reading their car owners manual for winter driving techniques.

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