BRIDGEWATER (CBS) — One by one, drivers downtown were told to pull over.

Officers were conducting one of their periodic stings, to try and cut down on texting and driving.

They doled out citations, but even with the ongoing crackdown, one Bridgewater mom says the police need backup.

Pam Erlichman launched a distracted driving campaign after a scare sharing the road with someone who was texting while driving. She was pregnant at the time.

“I was driven off the road by someone who was texting and driving, and I don’t even think she noticed that she drove me off the road,” said Erlichman.

She started a GoFundMe page raising $13,000 that paid for 125 lawn signs and 500 bumper stickers.



“Just put little reminders out there that, when someone is driving and goes to pick up their phone, hopefully they’ll see the sign and that ping of guilt will happen, and they’ll just put it back down,” she said. “It really can wait.”

People across town are now putting the signs in their yards, especially along busy roads–reminders to “put it down.”


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