BOSTON (CBS) — There were many parents whose kids woke up to the news that Donald Trump would be our next president and weren’t happy about it.

Some kids burst into tears. Others wondered if they or their friends might have to leave the country based on their race or religion.

So if you’re one of those parents, what do you say to your kids?

The most important thing to do is to reassure them that they will be okay and that you will protect them from harm and help protect their friends and others in your community.

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Explain that in a democracy where everyone gets a say, you don’t always win and you have to show respect to people who think differently than you do.

Tell them you believe in our country and you respect the presidency and that transitioning peacefully from one president to another is important.

Depending on the age of your child, explain how government works–that there are checks and balances in place that will prevent some things they may fear from actually happening.

Teach them to stay involved in their schools and their communities, to fight for things they believe in, and, when they grow up, to never take their right to vote for granted.

Dr. Mallika Marshall

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  1. I was not informed of how I could explain an obama presidency.
    Could you please tell me why?

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