BOSTON (CBS) — Graffiti discovered over the weekend on the side of a building in Mission Hill was hard to miss.

In large letters, it read, “Kill your local Trump supporter.”

Boston Police Commissioner Bill Evans told WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Carl Stevens he found the graffiti “troubling.”

“In a college area, it’s probably a college kid that somehow thinks that’s a proper thing to write at this time, but it shouldn’t make people afraid to come out to vote tomorrow,” Evans said. “We have a few people in our department who are very good at reading graffiti and finding out who’s responsible.”

Evans said police will be out in force across the city on Election Day, and people should not be worried about their safety–he said they should go out and vote knowing his officers will protect their Constitutional right to do so.

“We always have officers at the polling places, and they’ll be working with the personnel at the polling places to make sure things are very orderly,” he said. “Obviously, we know it’s heated, and we’ll do our best to keep the peace.”

WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Carl Stevens reports

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  1. When you threaten peoples lives it’s a crime and should be treated as a terrorist threat as I’m sure it already is.

  2. mushroommike says:

    To Democrats free speech means : you can speak up as long as what you say is what we want you to say otherwise we will call for you to be killed. We are a tolerant bunch as long as you do as you are told. smh

  3. Ahhh, the tolerant, accepting, loving, caring, Alt-Left.

  4. Jagu Jenkins says:

    kill every and all brainwashed and mind-conditioned marxist puppet pawn and every marxist-democrat and every globalist and every supporter of any of them. that’s the only solution to the problem that the marxist-democrats have brought upon America. Once brainwashed by marxism they cannot be reprogrammed or reformed to truth or God.

  5. Jim Spicer says:

    AS Todd pointed out, just putting the word “Trump” up anywhere sends the liberals into panic attacks and invades their safe spaces but they think its TOTALLY ok to threaten violence specifically against anyone supporting trump. Then we are told to “butch up”

    1. Scrawled threats, childishly rendered, are vandalism. WE, as TRUMP Supporters,
      care nothing for this stupidity, or for this section’s misinformed, knee-jerk reactions.

      You cannot READ, and you do not know what you are talking about. Try to keep up.

  6. Looks like a hate crime to me. The media is doing their best to stir the pot. Do not forget George Soros Spent $200 million in Sept. alone to hire people to protest and make nasty this election cycle. My son even showed me adds in craigs list for $15 per hour to be a goon for Killary. Oh what a F#$ked up country the GLOBALIST have made of this country. One group of people have managed to corrupt and destroy a once great country for personal profit and greed. Thanks CLINTON, BUSH, OBAMA and now you all want another globalist to rob us of everything. Americans for the most part are crazy, stupid, or brainwashed into oblivion. How sad that we have allowed the TV news to brainwash most of us into being good little goons for the Globalist. We send our troops over seas not for freedom but as a strong arm for the Globalist. send our hard earned money to supply ISIS with arms (proof in wikileaks) to create chaos in the Middle East which only gives them more reasons to hate us, and OUR government is busy importing terrorist to our homeland to use against us. The list goes on and on. NY cops have found PROOF on Weiner laptop of Pedophilia and child trafficking at the top levels of this country.

  7. Jonny Dplrbl says:

    If the rabid leftists really want an open civil war with patriotic Americans, I say bring it on. Just be careful what you wish for… you might get it, and it won’t be pretty.

  8. TRUMP, TRUMP, TRUMP, TRUMP!!! Trying to trigger a libtard mental episode.

  9. All the more reason to pack heat with a concealed carry

  10. This is yet another example as to why the left has gone too far and needs to be put in it’s place. If you vote Democrat then you will get more vandalism. more violence, more bullying, more riots, more death. The DNC/Obama/Hillary forces are ordering these acts of terrorism and are violating the law by doing so. Examples must be made! Law and order must be enforced or we are nothing. Vote Trump!

  11. David James says:

    Trump sticker on the bumper, Glock 23 in my holster. I’m waiting…

  12. Amazing that these self-radicalized Democrats are so open about their terrorist threats. And while this has occurred, American stood by and did nothing.

  13. Trump Supporters aren’t easily scared or offended by bad words the way democrats are.

    1. Thank you, Mr. Sommers. FINALLY.

      If these other comments are indicative of what has become of my Home Town of Boston,
      it has become a Disgrace. You are responding to what you THOUGHT was said. Idiots.

      Doing 10 Rallies in 2 days precludes Mr. Trump, and me, from giving a rat’s behind what
      some 12 year-old in Roxbury, or wherever, does with his ‘free-time’. Wake the hell up.

  14. Lib Serum says:

    And these were the ignorant, worthless M-Fers who were pointing fingers and yelling “Nazi” at Trump supporters.

  15. stpaulchuck says:

    ahhh, another message of tolerance and diversity from the left. Probably a college clown from the area.

  16. Troy Webber says:

    Meh. This just makes me want to vote for Trump even more. I’m not scared.

  17. WOW how OPEN MINDED of those bigots and prejudiced closed minded leftists

  18. Hillbaggers are subhuman trash who need to be dealt with in the harshest possible manner.

  19. As an Independent precinct director I’d be very careful Progressives with this type of language. If this results into armed conflict IMO the right will take care of business then go have a nice breakfast……just sayin.

  20. Kill your local Hildebeast-supporting college student. They’re brain-dead, anyway, so you’d be doing them, and society, a favor.

  21. This is disturbing indeed! I hope local police take this type of thing more seriously than the F.B.I. does!

  22. yeah, these are the same people who “sheltered in place” on orders from the obama administration after the boston bombing. they even let them evict them from their houses…i’m not afraid of any of them.

  23. Frank Kern says:

    This Is Only Going To Get MUCH WORSE Very Soon

  24. Jack Frost says:

    Let me guess… The “evil conservatives” are being blamed for making these fine perps vandalizing Trump properties / supporters / ideas…. The “progressive regime” STANDARD is that “You are WELCOME to AGREE with OUR (the progressive) agenda!” Anything else, is, well “evil”. What horrible people these “progressives” are – any decent person SHOULD be able to see it.

  25. Rick Smith says:

    Those zany inclusive tolerate totalitarian lefties – always playing around and showing people what absolute morons they are.

  26. Some one stole my Trump yard sign last night. I guess the Left is no longer tolerant of differing opinions. What wonderful cannon fodder they will make for the Progressive (aka: communist) revolution. Useful idiots.
    Hope they enjoyed the poison ivy I rubbed the sign in first (I am immune to it).

  27. Wait this Graffiti was spelled correctly.

  28. Steve Grant says:

    Leftists are too primitive, to ever evolve.

  29. John Poland says:

    Sam Adams is rolling over in his Grave ! He fought for Freedoms now His Boston is Pro Corruption and Anti Freedom! The New Boston would still be loyal to King George ! They Have Disgraced their Founding Fathers !

  30. I used to live in Mass. Take this threat very seriously, many there are very extreme. Notice how strict gun control disarms people so they can be intimidated into silence? You can’t put up a yard sign if you can not fight off thugs attacking you for it. They just beat up an elderly man. But if armed you can stop them and proudly support your candidate. Watch out for DHS and New Black Panther Party “poll monitors”. Don’t reveal who you voted for. Obama is on video promising no prosecution for illegal aliens who vote. So you do t dare say anything g about someone you know is not a citizen but voting.

  31. Bill Smith says:

    How many Governors are going to have to call out the Guard after Mr Trump wins ?

  32. Perfect example of how gun control equals people control. Those using violence can silence those who can’t defend themselves. Almost no women and few men can fight off multiple attackers. However at home an AR15 type semiautomatic only rifle can stop multiple attackers. The round it fires is high velocity so breaks up, making it much less likely to hurt innocent people. Being too large to hide makes it little use to criminals. Removable magazine makes it easy and safe to load and unload. So how many unarmed Massachusetts Trump supporters took down signs or never put them up? Lots I’m sure.

  33. “it’s probably a college kid that somehow thinks that’s a proper thing to write at this time”. Passing off a call to commit political murder as a confused college student!!! Clearly the message from police is that political violence is tolerated. At least when against Republicans. No wonder it is called “The People’s Republic”. North Korea would proud.

  34. Rico Soiree says:

    If someone had written “Gas all Jews!” or “Rape all feminists!” it would have been national news…taken VERY seriously. Trump also would have been held personally accountable.

    Since Hillary supporters did it, especially in Massivecucketts, it’s deemed no big deal.

    Democrats are not hypocrites. They actually believe they’re entitled to live by a separate set of rules.

  35. Dem lib Hillary swines need immediate deportation.

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