BOSTON (CBS) – When Donald Trump urged early voters who’d cast ballots for Clinton to “change your vote” this week, it seems the words caused some confusion.

He was at a rally in Wisconsin, where voters can actually do that. Here in Massachusetts, they cannot.

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“The only thing I’m concerned about, are the things that pop up close to the election,” said Dan Fox as he walked out of Boston City Hall, where a long line of early voters had formed.

He had just voted, but was a bit unsure. “There might be something that pops up that does change your mind,” he said. “I almost wrote in Daffy Duck and Goofy.”

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“It depends if you voted for one candidate and then they brought some dirt out and then you go back for the other candidate,” said another voter.

Secretary of State William Galvin said it would take an act of the state legislature to allow for early voters to change their ballots, and he would not be in favor of it.

“Keeping track of who’s voted, and getting all of those ballots into the system is logistically a challenge for us at the state level and for local communities as well,” Galvin said. “So to have people coming in saying, ‘gee I changed my mind on this question I want to come in and change my vote.’ It would create chaos.”

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He says about 20 percent of registered voters in Massachusetts have already voted, and that’s not even including about 100,000 absentee ballots. The last day for early voting is Friday, November 4th. Galvin has asked cities and towns to extend voting hours.

Christina Hager