By Bill Shields

PEMBROKE (CBS) – With less than a week to go before Election Day, passions and tensions are rising in the presidential race. But on the South Shore, police say one man took things too far.

On Wednesday morning officers arrested Joe Pecevich, a Donald Trump supporter, who was standing along Route 139 wearing a mask and holding a plastic knife and Hillary Clinton sign.

Joe Pecevich holding plastic knife (WBZ-TV)

Joe Pecevich holding plastic knife (WBZ-TV)

Drivers called police. Pembroke officers responded and had to repeatedly tell Pecevich to drop the knife, which turned out to be a plastic toy.

“It’s a First Amendment issue to me,” said Pecevich. “It’s not something you should have a gun pointed at you and shackled over.”

Joe Pecevich arrested in Pembroke (WBZ-TV)

Joe Pecevich arrested in Pembroke (WBZ-TV)

Pecevich says he was expressing his opinion that Hillary Clinton is soft on terrorism. But police officials say anytime someone appears to have a weapon, they are forced to respond.

“Folks are very, very sensitive, clearly to the threat of terrorism,” said Duxbury Police Chief Matt Clancy. “It got the attention probably that the individual was sort of hoping it would, but the police are absolutely going to go out and they are going to check on that.”

Joe Pecevich (WBZ-TV)

Joe Pecevich (WBZ-TV)

Pecevich says the Pembroke Police overreacted. “It’s just sad that what’s an obvious parody and a theatrical parody would you know almost get me shot,” Pecevich said.

Pecevich was charged with disorderly conduct.


Bill Shields

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  1. David Keith says:

    Try that in Boston and the police will most likely shoot you and then ask questions..

  2. Some people have no common sense! He is lucky he wasn’t shot. Completely irresponsible! Nothing wrong with exercising your 1st amendment but you have to be smart about it!

  3. Given that recently, several police officers have been badly injured or killed while responding to violent situations, this clown is extremely lucky to be alive to whine about being arrested. What an idiotic thing to do at a time when tensions are so high.

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