BOSTON (CBS) — Michael Felger is not afraid of anything. Except for Greg Bedard’s little toy.

Bedard, in studio Tuesday for his weekly visit with Felger & Massarotti, decided to show off his flying drone for Felger.

You may remember Felger’s eruption last week over Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer injuring himself while messing around with his drone. So Bedard wanted to show Felger what it’s all about.

After initially showing fear, Felger responded with insults.

“Oh my God, that is so dorky. You brought in a drone,” Felger said after catching his breath. “Look at you with your little joystick thingy. God! You’re such a dork! Look at that!”

And they say there weren’t any fireworks at the NFL’s trade deadline.

Check out the video above for footage of Felger’s fear-turned-revulsion.


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