ABINGTON (CBS) – Authorities in one Massachusetts town are hoping to keep the Halloween “tricks” in check this year by restricting what teens can buy at local stores.

Abington police have sent a letter to store owners requesting that they don’t sell anything that could be used for vandalism to those under 18 from Friday, Oct. 28 to Tuesday, Nov. 1.

The items on the “no-sell” list are: spray paint, eggs, shaving cream, toilet paper and soap.

Read The Letter From Police (PDF)

“It is anticipated that this action will reduce the number of vandalism incidents in the town and result in a safer and happier holiday for everyone,” Police Chief David Majenski writes.

Police say they’ve been making this request of stores for more than a decade and it seems to be working.

Comments (6)
  1. mstarvin says:

    What about my 2nd amendment rights to arm myself with eggs and toilet paper?

    1. Thomas says:

      If you outlaw toilet paper, only outlaws will have toilet paper. :)

  2. Assman says:

    So I guess when I was in college at 17 I should not be allowed to wipe?

    No toilet paper? Real smart, they will use rocks or something else, dumb cops.

  3. hammerhead says:

    can’t wipe shave or eat breakfast

  4. mousepumper says:

    more population control–that’s all…

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