BOSTON (CBS) — In America, sporting events have long been one of the country’s biggest industries and most successful forms of entertainment. But to a lot of spectators, not just in the U.S. but around the world, sports is viewed as something much more profound than that.

A new six-part documentary series called Religion of Sports will explore the world of sports in a wide range of cultures and societies to illustrate the impact it has on not just the athletes competing but the fans who follow them. Watch the first trailer for the series in the video above.

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady co-produced the series along with former New York Giants defensive end Michael Strahan and Boston-born filmmaker Gotham Chopra. Here’s the description of the series, via YouTube:

From executive producers Tom Brady, Gotham Chopra, and Michael Strahan, Religion of Sports examines unique examples where specific sports profoundly influence societies and cultures in a manner that extends far beyond merely entertainment value.

The show is only going to be available to subscribers of “DIRECTV” and the “AT&T U-Verse,” for now. Religion of Sports premieres Nov. 15.


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